Week of October 14, 2019
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

Detecto (Webb City, MO) has presented two new portion scales with easy check-weighing confirmation. In both, their LED will turn red for over-weights, green for acceptable weights, and the backlight will turn off for under-weights. An 8 in./20 cm (L) x 5 in./13 cm (W) stainless-steel platform of the Model PS7 offers five units of measure, including 3,000 g x 1 g and 7 lbs. x 0.1 oz. An 6.9 in./18 cm (L) x 6.5 in./17 cm (W) stainless-steel platform of the Model PS11 offers five units of measure, including 5,000 g x 2 g and 11 lbs. x 0.1 oz. Each has light weight construction (4 lbs. for PS7 and 6 lbs. for PS11), with ABS plastic enclosure, plug-in wall power supply, and internal rechargeable battery pack supplying 20 hrs.

Detecto Portion Scale


Datacap Takes Unattendance

A relationship between Datacap Systems (Chalfont, PA) and Goji Systems (Blue Bell, PA) furthers the progress of self-service in the channel for POS. With this relationship, Datacap will facilitate payment processing for the turn-key hardware module, GojiKiosk. Available in three formats--countertop, wall-mount, and floor stand--GojiKiosk furnishes thermal printer, 22" tablet, and EMC/NFC PinPad. It includes dedicated software for full self-service functionality, and integrates with the roster of major brands of restaurant POS.

"Our vision for GojiKiosk is to create technology to help people. You need great relationships to build helpful technologies," offered Joseph Hwang, CEO of Goji Systems. "We trust in the people at Datacap. We believe in their solutions. We align well with our vision on innovation."

"With unattended payment solutions growing rapidly in a variety of verticals, including quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, we're excited to introduce GojiKiosk as a turn-key self-order system to our partners in POS," flourished Justin Zeigler, Director of Product for Datacap Systems. "An ability to offer additional value for existing and prospective merchant clients via faster, more cost-effective payment methods will generate new revenue opportunities for both merchants and providers of POS." A few months ago, in May 2019, Datacap unwrapped the hosted version of its payment middleware NETePay.

A Partnership in Self-Service Between Datacap and GojiKiosk

NCR's Sweet Sixteen

NCR Corporation (Atlanta, GA) has brought another of its POS VARs into the fold: Midwest POS Solutions (Anderson, IN). Established in the 1940's, and one of the early resellers of Aloha POS, Midwest POS becomes the 16th NCR Local Office. As readers may recall, in March and May 2019, respectively, NCR purchased BEC (Denver, CO) and Texas P.O.S. (Houston, TX). Acquisition terms for these three deals involving privately-held dealerships were not disclosed. (It bought Aloha in 2011.)

"In today's competitive market, having direct support from NCR will best enable us to provide more solutions to our existing customers and grow our client base," suggested Murray Bartholome, President of Midwest POS. "NCR is committed to the customer first, and so are we. With this shared commitment, we are confident that the only thing changing is our name and logo. Our staff, culture, and mission to provide the highest-quality solutions and service will remain the same."

"Midwest POS is known for its quality customer service," expressed Michael Hayford, President and CEO of NCR Corporation. "Midwest POS customers will keep their favorite local team, and now with NCR, that local team will receive even more support and can expand offerings provided." (At present, 1,000 sites in IN and KY for Midwest POS.)

NCR Buys Hospitality VAR Midwest POS Solutions

Worth Your While

Profit Booster Dealer Conference
CRS, Inc.
October 22
Chicago, IL

NRF 2020 Vision
National Retail Federation
January 12-14, 2020
New York, NY

Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA)
January 26-29, 2020
Nassau, Bahamas

NGA Show
National Grocers Association
February 23-26, 2020
San Diego, CA

Material Handling Industry (MHI)
March 9-12, 2020
Atlanta, GA

Shoptalk Commerce, LLC
March 22-25, 2020
Las Vegas, NV

Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)
April 28-30, 2020
Las Vegas, NV

NRA Show
National Restaurant Association
May 16-19, 2020
Chicago, IL



Stars of the Kiosk

Star Micronics America (Somerset, NJ) has unboxed its new generation of direct-thermal kiosk printers, Models 2" SK1-211 and 3" SK1-311. Shipped with StarPRNT emulation, the SK1-211 and SK1-311 feature maximum print speed of 9.8 in./250 mm per second at 203 dpi for 1D/2D. Outer dimensions are similar to the previous Models SK1-21 and SK1-31--that is, 4.1 in. (W) x 5.4 in. (D) x 3.1 in. (H) for 2" SK1-211 and 5 in. (W) x 5.4 in. (D) x 3.1 in. (H) for 3" SK1-311. As I/O's for both, Dual Serial (RS-232C) and USB (Version 2.0).

A longer paper cutter life of two million cuts combines with easy paper loading via thermal-head-open function, according to Star Micronics. As options, the new printers offer presenter, anti-paper-jam bezel, and large paper-roll holder. Either horizontal or vertical formats are suitable. A one-year warranty is extended for parts and labor by Star.

"We're very eager for this new generation of kiosk printers to streamline point-of-sale environments," enthused Christophe Naasz, Director of Business Development at Star Micronics."Not only are these new products faster and more reliable, the addition of our modern StarPRNT emulation will allow for more easy integration of kiosk solutions into any environment already featuring printers by Star." When used with drivers for Windows, the StarPRNT emulation also enables developers to take advantage of the cloud-based marketing tool, PromoPRNT, noted Star Micronics America.

SK1-211 Kiosk Printer by Star Micronics


GTS, the Rainmaker

Global Technology Systems (Framingham, MA) has teamed up with Dr. Boris Tsenter to develop ground-breaking, high-performance Lithium-water (Li-water) rechargeable battery technology for the energy storage and mobile device markets. It will be safer, with longer run times and lower environmental impact than traditional Lithium-ion battery technology, according to the two parties. It's expected to come to market via Global Technology Systems sometime in 2020.

"Conventional Lithium-ion batteries have the highest energy density available for commercial applications," observed Dr. Tsenter. "Unfortunately, they are notorious for their volatility and unpredictability. With the new Lithium-water technology there is no ionization of gasses--just generation of oxygen during charging, and hydrogen during discharging. It is similar to water electrolysis. Because there are no metal oxides on the positive electrode, the battery is safer, has longer run times, and has a lower environmental impact."

A resident of Atlanta, GA, Dr. Tsenter holds PhD and Doctor of Science Degrees in Electrochemistry and Mathematics from the St. Petersburg Technological University in Russia. He received the highest award for technology achievement from the Russian government for his pioneering work on developing energy sources for space satellites. Included in his more than 100 patents is the long-life rechargeable Nickel-Hydrogen (NiH2) battery used in the Hubble Space Telescope.

Global Technology Systems Develops Lithium-Water (Not Lithium-Ion) Batteries


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A Message From the Editor

As we enjoy another year, our mission stays constant: to fill the need for timely, focused, non-biased news in the channel for POS & Auto ID. If anything, that need grows more pressing in the face of changes in technology, go-to-market strategies, and business models. We look forward to continuing that mission and welcome your suggestions and thoughts on improvements.

Michael Kachmar, Editor





Samsung: Take Me to the Pilot

Samsung Electronics, in partnership with Mobeewave (Montreal, QC, Canada), has intensified its efforts in contactless payment acceptance via NFC. Over the past several months, the two companies have worked together in Canada to successfully pilot so-called "Samsung POS." Available via the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store, it allows merchants to accept debit and credit card payments--with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay--on Samsung mobile devices with NFC. Offered worldwide in 2020, it had 10,000 downloads during the pilot in Canada.

Of Mobeewave, Sunny Park, VP of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics (South Korea), stated: "Its patented contactless payment processing platform is the only mobile-based solution accepting Mastercard, Visa, and Interac transactions in pilot in Canada. It has passed numerous certification and security processes, and delivers highly secure payment acceptance to merchants in many verticals. Its proprietary technology allows us to launch this new solution globally."

"Together with Samsung, we're creating an opportunity to offer the untapped micro and small business market with an easily accessible, highly secure, low-cost, and easy-to-use mobile payment acceptance solution," stated Maxime de Nanclas, Co-Founder of Mobeewave. "There are an estimated 25 million micro-merchants and approximately 5.5 million small merchants worldwide, many of whom are unable to grow their business due to the lack of such payment acceptance solutions. We aim to drive incremental revenue for these businesses."

Samsung and Mobeewave Surf Mobile POS

Aldelo "Prefers" EVO

Aldelo has designated EVO Payments as a preferred partner for its popular cloud-based iPad POS, Aldelo Express. A longtime presence in our channel, Aldelo has over 75,000 installations and worldwide distribution network of more than 400 dealers. In 2017, readers will recall, EVO Payments purchased integrated payments leader, and channel player in POS, Sterling Payment Technologies (Tampa, FL).

"We are extremely pleased to expand our relationship with Aldelo to become a preferred partner of Aldelo Express," indicated Brendan Tansill, EVO's President, the Americas (Atlanta, GA). "Aldelo Express provides restaurants and retailers with a powerful, cloud-based point-of-sale solution that's flexible, fast, secure, and affordable. We are proud to offer this product together with EVO's integrated payment solution via our reseller network."

"EVO has always provided our Aldelo merchants with secure processing, optimal support, and fair, transparent, business practices," testified Harry Tu, President of Aldelo (Pleasanton, CA). "EVO's consistency and reliability, in addition to its strong focus on integrated payments, made EVO an easy choice to be our preferred partner of Aldelo Express." Earlier this month, Aldelo debuted its Aldelo Express iPad Kiosk. It offers three modes: fast-casual self-order, table-top self-order, and digital menu for table-service or fine-dining.

Aldelo Designates, as Preferred Payment Processor, EVO Payments

SOTI Gets Down With Printers

At its recent user and partner conference, SOTI Inc. (Mississauga, ON, Canada) rolled out its new mobile device management solution, called, simply, SOTI Connect. A part of the SOTI One Platform, SOTI Connect addresses "complex environments for IoT, including protocols of MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) and REST (Representational State Transfer)." In our immediate area of focus, it first supports thermal printers from Brother Mobile Solutions (Westminster, CO), Printronix (Irvine, CA), and SATO America (Charlotte, NC), according to SOTI.

"The strength of our partnership with Brother, Printronix, and SATO, is a true testament to the level of service we provide to our customers," remarked Carl Rodrigues, President and CEO of SOTI. "At SOTI, we pride ourselves on being in tune with customers and delivering the right solutions that are customized to their unique business needs. SOTI Connect is the solution that will elevate the IoT industry to new heights with its highly integrated management and security capabilities."

In addition to its Connect, SOTI has introduced SOTI Insight and SOTI Identity. The first, SOTI Insight, delivers out-of-the-box analytics on app, data, network, and location usage. The second, SOTI Identity, provides centralized user authentication as well as single sign-on and role management for more effective workflows. As its flagship product, as many readers will recognize, there's SOTI MobiControl.

SOTI "Connect" Offers Printer Management for Brother Mobile Solutions, Printronix, and SATO America


Code Corner

Cardknox (Howell Township, NJ) has partnered with Imagine Retailer (Buena Vista, CA) to provide an online sales and marketing solution for the furniture industry. A full suite of functionality is extended: shopping cart, e-mail marketing, geo-marketing, customer reviews, remarketing, Amazon AWS, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), blogging, and automated posting to Facebook and Twitter. With Cardknox, merchants will be furnished feature-rich and user-friendly payment processing, according to the two parties, including online fraud screening, data tokenization, and identity verification to 3D Secure 2.0. Also, merchants can manage payments and create reports to reconcile transactions via the Cardknox Merchant Portal. "The main benefit that Cardknox brings our customers is their fraud protection," emphasized Jeff Bennet, VP of Operations for Imagine Retailer. "Some of our customers in metro areas receive substantial credit card fraud online. Until now, we haven't worked with a processor that allows them to mitigate the fraud. This is the feature we are mostly looking forward to providing our customers."

Integration of Cardknox and Imagine Retailer


TouchBistro Turns Tables

TouchBistro (Toronto, ON, Canada) has fielded its new guest management platform, consisting of two modules: "Reservations" and "Dine." It draws upon the technology of three solutions previously purchased by TouchBistro--Bookenda, Reso, and VP Dine. Restaurants that subscribe to TouchBistro Reservations may accept bookings online through their website, through Google Search or Maps, or through the new website and mobile app for TouchBistro Dine. As communications, it employs e-mails/SMS.

"With the integration, we're now really using the order history," relayed Cathy Flynn, GM and Sommelier at restaurant Wynona (also in Toronto). "And what's great is that information is in the system, so even if I am not here tomorrow, all of that information is available for other staff to use." In her estimation, with integration to the kitchen and TouchBistro's POS, table turns have increased by 33% each night.

"Managing multiple vendors with different platforms and hardware requirements or dealing with double-entry because one system doesn't talk to the other puts the burden on restaurateurs who are trying to use automation to increase efficiency in their venues," related Alex Barrotti, TouchBistro's CEO and Founder. "TouchBistro is breaking through this challenge by seamlessly integrating the essential functions and operational data restaurateurs need in an easy-to-use platform, as we have done with TouchBistro Reservations/Dine. FYI: In September 2019, TouchBistro raised big money, $158 million, in Series E Funding.

A New Reservation and Guest Management Platform by TouchBistro

An Honest Assessment (PCI SSF)

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has launched its new assessor qualification program in support of its PCI Software Security Framework (SSF). It qualifies companies and their employees to assess vendors' efforts in payments for both the PCI Secure Lifecycle Standard (for development practices) and Secure Software Standard (for new products). Eligible organizations can apply now on the PCI SSC website to become SSF Assessor Companies. It is not limited to QSA Companies.

In order to be listed as an SSF Assessor Company on the PCI SSC website, the company must have at least one employee successfully complete testing for either of the two, Secure Lifecycle Assessor or Secure Software Assessor. As timing, PCI SSC will begin accepting applications for SSF Assessor in November, and training will start in early 2020. Qualification requirements and program fees are available on the website of PCI SSC.

"Software Security Framework Assessor qualification provides new opportunities for both existing and new assessors and offers great growth potential as the SSF expands in the future to support additional types of software," declared Gill Woodcock, PCI SSC Senior Director of Certification Programs. As many readers will recall, the PCI's SSF replaces the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) and its list of Validated Payment Applications. PCI will retire PA-DSS in 2022.

PCI Launches Assessor Program for Its Payment Software Security Framework (SSF)

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Video Surveillance


Envysion Rings the Taco Bell

One of the largest franchise operators of Taco Bell in the U.S., BurgerBusters Inc., has turned to Envysion (Superior, CO) for loss prevention. Based in Virginia Beach, BurgerBusters has 147 free-standing and combination locations of Taco Bell in five states (VA, NC, MD, WV, and PA). It has replaced an earlier analog surveillance system with the cloud-based, managed-video Envysion Restaurant Solution.

"We inherited a fully-deployed Envysion solution in a few stores we'd acquired through corporate divestiture and had the chance to compare it with the system we were using in our other stores," recounted Patrick Bowen, Loss Control Specialist at BurgerBusters. "The difference was unmistakable. Envysion's solution supports multiple video feeds and features capabilities like a health monitoring system, video/POS tie-in, motion search, video scrubbing, and secure file sharing that reduces our investigation time by hours and enables leaders across the company to keep tabs on everything happening in any location."

In June, Envysion unveiled its new Channel Partner Program. It identifies four categories of participants: Integration, Software, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise & OEM. As part of Software, ISVs and VARs in POS are specifically cited. As benefits, there's account support, sales and technical training, marketing collateral, early access to new product information, preferred pricing, deal registration, web portal, and quarterly or semi-annual business reviews. "By formalizing our channel relationships, we're eliminating the obstacles that often prevent customers from getting the hardware, software, services, and support they need," proposed Howard Finch, VP of Channel Sales.

Envysion's Restaurant Solution for Loss Prevention

SpeedLine in the Cosmo's

SpeedLine Solutions (Vancouver, BC, Canada) has deployed its POS for Cosmo's Pizza in CO. With five locations near the University of Colorado and Colorado State University, Cosmo's was particularly concerned with deliveries. "I looked through a bunch of point-of-sale systems, and if they had no delivery, or delivery was done by a third party, they were nixed," referenced Adam Shorter, Owner of Cosmo's Pizza.

Along with their new POS, and terminals by Posiflex (Hayward, CA), Cosmo's has implemented an online ordering platform by SpeedLine, dubbed SpeedDine. Across its five locations, about one-third of takeout and delivery orders are placed online for Cosmo's. Also, an app has been offered for customers' smartphones, whether iOS or Android.

"We've received compliments from customers," reported Shorter, noting "the new online ordering site looks and flows better." As another of its benefits, according to Shorter, SpeedDine saves the information of repeat customers. Added John deWolde, President and CEO of SpeedLine Solutions: "We're very excited to offer this technology. Now, independent and multi-unit restaurants are able to offer their customers the same level of technology as the large chains."

Cosmo's Owner Adam Shorter Enters Orders on His New SpeedLine POS System


Channel Factoid

Where the Warehouse?

-77% of decision makers in supply chain IT agree that augmenting workers with technology is the best way to introduce automation in the warehouse, but only 35% have clear understanding of where to start.

-87% of decision makers in supply chain IT are currently in the process of or planning to expand the size of their warehouses by 2024, with 82% anticipating an increase in the number of warehouses.

-As warehouses expand, so will the volume of stock keeping units, or SKUs, and the speed with which items need to be shipped. Decision makers will seek increased visibility and productivity by implementing more robust returns management operations (81%), task interleaving (80%), value-added services (80%), and third-party logistics (83%).

-73% of supply chain companies are currently modernizing their warehouses by implementing or refreshing mobile computers, tablets, and barcode scanners.

-By 2024, according to decision makers, modernization will be driven by: mobile computing solutions with Android (83%); real-time location systems, or RTLS (55%); and full-featured warehouse management systems, or WMS (54%).

-60% of decision makers cited mobile barcode label or thermal printers as a key area of investment as part of their plans to add, expand, or upgrade devices in the next three years.

-By 2024, decision makers in supply chain IT anticipate using robotics/bots for the following: inbound inventory management (24%), outbound packing (22%), and goods in/receiving (20%).

Source: "2024 Warehousing Vision Study" by Zebra Technologies Corporation (Lincolnshire, IL)

A Move to Automation




A Veteran Code Reader

Code Corporation (Draper, UT) has enlisted industry veteran Garry Lang as its new Strategic Channel Manager. He joins the company from Epson America, where he served as Business Development Manager for ColorWorks (2011 to 2019). Previous roles have included Regional Sales Manager, Northeast Channel at Honeywell Scanning and Mobility (2008 to 2011) and Channel Account Manager, East for Metrologic Instruments (1996 to 2008). He will be based in PA.

"After working in the Auto ID space for more than 25 years, I can honestly say I've never been more excited to join a company," shared Lang. "Code Corporation is highly respected throughout our channel as a leader in many verticals, with many applications. I look forward to growing with an organization that provides great value, cutting-edge leadership, and innovative technology."

"We are delighted to have Garry joining the Code team as the Strategic Channel Manager," commented Joe Croce, Director of Sales in North America at Code. "His experience in channel sales, reputation, and relationships make him a great fit with our all-star staff. Garry has an unmatched can-do attitude combined with a persistent mentality to get the job done. Garry will be instrumental in getting our key reseller partners to the next level."

Garry Lang, Strategic Channel Manager, Code Corporation

[Editor's Note: At press time, Code announced its new CEO, Kent Hansen, former President and Partner at CA Engineering. We'll have details in the next edition of RRN.]


A CRO for ScanSource

A high-level hire for ScanSource (Greenville, SC): as Chief Revenue Officer and Senior EVP, John Eldh. He will be responsible for Global Sales and Marketing, as well Supplier, Solutions, and Services. Prior to ScanSource, he served as SVP, Global Partner Organization at CA Technologies (2014 to 2019). Earlier, he was VP of North American Channel and Inside Sales for Symantec (2005 to 2014) and Group VP/Regional VP for Gartner (1990 to 2004).

"John has a proven track record of delivering operational excellence, building strong teams, and driving results across multiple routes to market," noted Mike Baur, Chairman and CEO of ScanSource. "John brings with him a deep understanding of the SaaS business and extensive experience helping companies transform to subscription-based sales models. John will be instrumental in helping us to execute on our business goals, and I am happy to welcome him to our team."

"I am excited about the strategic direction in which ScanSource is headed and the vision of ScanSource's leadership team," affirmed Eldh. "I am eager to help lead ScanSource into the future and to join a company with such respect and appreciation for their partners and employees." Also, in August 2019, ScanSource announced "planned divestitures" of businesses outside of the U.S., Canada, and Brazil. As such, it identified non-digital distribution businesses in Europe, U.K., Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and export operations in Miami, FL.

John Eldh, CRO and Senior EVP, ScanSource

A Pledge of Allegiance

Allegiance Merchant Services (Charlotte, NC) has engaged R. Scott McFarland as its President. His experience includes roles of SVP/Chief Revenue Officer at Electronic Data Resources/Payment Alliance International (2004 to 2019), VP at Event Marketing International (2001 to 2004), and VP of Business Development at Cydcor (1999 to 2001). A decade-old player in fintech, Allegiance Merchant Services identifies, as strategic partners, "equipment/POS VARs."

"Bringing Scott aboard is a little like getting the band back together," reflected Abby Brant, Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Allegiance, who worked for McFarland at Electronic Data Resources/Payment Alliance International. "He is a natural leader and I'm confident we will scale Allegiance to achieve the shared vision of our executive team. Scott provides the fuel and personal grit for a truly exciting future."

"I am thrilled to join the Allegiance family and to be working again with Abby," contributed McFarland. "We have phenomenal team members in place and intend to attract some of the industry's best and brightest to come join us. It is going to be a special journey for everyone associated with Allegiance."

R. Scott MacFarland, President, Allegiance Merchant Services

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