Week of March 13, 2023
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

A new biometric-enabled kiosk has been debuted by Tyme Commerce (San Francisco, CA). It features face verification capability entitled PopPay from biometric fintech company, PopID (Los Angeles, CA). A customer submits his or her selfie when enrolling with PopID's PopPay and links their credit/debit card or bank information to the enrolled account. At the kiosk, their face gets scanned and their favorite food orders are displayed, including any modifications. After their selection, their face gets scanned again for payment. If preferred, traditional payment forms are used. "Similar to the role that biometrics play in airport entry and plane boarding, PopPay can make restaurant kiosk ordering and payment go from taking minutes to seconds," noted John Miller, CEO of PopID.

Tyme Face Verification Kiosk


A SNAP for Mobile Payments

A push to bring mobile payment technology to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has been mounted by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service (Washington, DC). A group of five states has been selected for early development: Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Oklahoma. It will allow participants in SNAP to use their personal mobile device for payments, via tapping or scanning, as an alternative to the physical card for Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT).

"Today's announcement represents another step forward for the future of SNAP and the many ways our programs are embracing modern and innovative ideas to improve nutritional security," reflected Stacy Dean, Deputy Undersecretary for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services at USDA. "Digital wallets are changing the way we pay for everything, including groceries. We want to ensure SNAP leverages the latest technology to improve access to benefits, reduce fraud, and provide a better overall experience for the families we serve."

In developing the platform, USDA Food and Nutrition Service will engage processors, mobile wallet providers, retailers, and other stakeholders. Neither retailers nor SNAP households are required to participate in the pilots--stores can decide whether to adopt the new technology and make contactless payments available for SNAP, and shoppers may continue to use their physical cards for EBT. Also being pursued for SNAP by USDA: expanded online grocery shopping.

USDA Food and Nutrition Service Pilots Mobile Payments in Five States for SNAP

Sound Echoes in Channel

An accelerated effort in the reseller channel for POS by Sound Payments kicks off this month. As an initial promotion, the company has offered resellers the discount of 10% on five or more units in one Purchase Order (P.O.). A variety of devices support its solution, called Sound POS, including the handheld Android A920 Pro Terminal from PAX Technologies. (Both companies are located in Jacksonville, FL).

"Sound Payments has built a name for itself in the payments world as well as the petroleum industry," emphasized Andrew Russell, CEO of Sound Payments. "We had a great year in 2022, and we have very aggressive plans for 2023 to welcome more resellers and support more retailers. This promotion is part of that effort." As benefits of Sound POS, he cites pricing, customer service, and processor neutrality.

As expected, Sound POS accepts any payment method--MSR, Chip and Contactless, and QR Code. It allows merchants to remotely manage inventory, pricing and discounts, run reports, and customer engagement. Sound Payments also markets its Sound Easy Pump for EMV at the fuel station. With Sound Easy Pump, resellers receive referral revenue of $1,000 for every station that results in installation.

A Recruitment of Resellers for Sound POS (Shown Here: Sound POS Model E800)

Worth Your While

MHI (Materials)
March 20-23
Chicago, IL

Shoptalk Commerce LLC
March 26-29
Las Vegas, NV

Electronic Transactions Association
April 24-26
Atlanta, GA

NRA Show
National Restaurant Association
May 20-23
Chicago, IL

Retail Solutions Providers Association
July 30-August 1
Orlando, FL

Foodservice Tech/Winsight
September 13-15
Dallas, TX

November 28-December 1
Las Vegas, NV



Elo Taps Felix (and NFC)

A package of software and hardware for mobile payments combines the Felix Terminal Tap-to-Pay from ISV Felix (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and the M50 Pay Mobile Computer from Elo (Milpitas, CA). With this integration, retailers may accept payments via Contactless NFC from anywhere within the store, curbside, or at special events. A network of pre-certified payment processors for Felix, which is delivered in the cloud, includes Chase, Fiserv, TSYS, Global Payments, and Elavon.

Elo's M50 Pay features 5.5" projected-capacitive touch display (1280x720), Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Octa-Core CPU at 2.2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, and Android 10 O/S with Global Mobile Services (GMS). A 4000 mAh battery supplies 12 working hours. A family of models address wireless communications--Bluetooth 5/BLE, 802.11 WLAN, and Cellular WAN--as well as barcode scanning and camera.

"Our cloud payment acceptance platform improves the way traditional payment terminals are enabled, creating exciting new use cases in the retail space and beyond," declared Owen Newport, Co-CEO of Felix. "Enabling the M50 to accept payments is a perfect example of how Elo and Felix are creating the next generation of smart retail solutions." A docking station and monitor also may be added to create fixed POS.

A Bundle of Felix's Tap-to-Pay With Elo's M50 Pay Mobile Computer

Sato Goes Mobile

A new direct-thermal, rugged, mobile printer--Model PW4NX--from Sato America (Charlotte, NC) features 4"/104 mm print width. In dimensions of 7 in./180 mm (W) x 7.9 in./195 mm (L) x 2.7 in./68 mm (D), weighing 3.2 lbs./1.4 kg, the PW4NX furnishes maximum print speed of 6 in./152 mm per second at print resolution of 203 dpi. It includes 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, 2.4" color display, and self-diagnosis (head check, paper end, test print, cover open, and auto power off).

In ruggedness, the PW4NX has an IP-54 rating for water and dust and drop resistance to 7 ft./2.1 m, as well as easy parts replacement. A smart battery (2550 mAh Li-Ion) ensures consistent print quality and an adapter DC/DC allows mounting on forklifts and other vehicles. As communications, it has USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5/BLE, 802.11 WLAN, and NFC. As emulations: SBPL, SZPL, SCPL, SIPL, STPCL, and SDPL.

Advanced applications are enabled by the Sato AEP (Application Enabled Printing). As remote management, there's Sato Online Services and SOTI (Mississauga, ON, Canada). "In addition to its best-in-class design, we will make PW4NX the centerpiece of customer-centric solutions with genuine consumables, and add-on services like mobile device management, apps, and maintenance support that reduce running costs over the lifetime of the investment," remarked Goro Yumiba, Global Operations Officer at Sato Holdings Corp. (Tokyo).

Sato's 4" Rugged Mobile Thermal Label Printer

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Who's Your GoDaddy

A joint effort in omni-channel commerce for the SMB (Small-to-Midsized Business)--launched by Worldpay from FIS (Jacksonville, FL) and GoDaddy (Tempe, AZ)--has been christened "Commerce 360." With its curated website and merchant dashboard, Commerce 360 enables such merchants to sell more easily via online marketplaces and social media, according to the two widespread companies. It also seeks to addresses inventory management and marketing efforts for the SMB.

"Small businesses serve as the cornerstones of our communities and the engine that powers our economy," observed Christina Wagner, SVP, Global Small Business Solutions, FIS. "It is our passion and purpose to enable businesses to thrive by providing holistic solutions and evolving beyond payments. Our Commerce 360 solution helps small business owners sell more in-store, online, and anywhere in-between while giving them real-time insights that help create superior customer experiences."

"GoDaddy built our omni-commerce solution to be the easiest and most powerful way for small businesses to take advantage of the latest technology online and in-person," asserted Prashant Nedungadi, VP, Commerce for Partners, at GoDaddy. "Launching Commerce 360 with Worldpay from FIS, and having them join the GoDaddy Global Commerce Partner Program, enables small businesses all over the U.S. to keep their existing bank relationships while taking advantage of the latest technology." Appearing now on the website of GoDaddy: "How to Set Up a QR Code for Payment."

An Omni-Channel Solution for the SMB, Dubbed Commerce 360, From Worldpay From FIS and GoDaddy

[Editor's Note: In February, FIS announced its intention to spin off its merchant solutions brand, Worldpay, sometime in 2023.]

An Ovation at CBS NorthStar

A new partnership adds guest feedback to restaurant software CBS NorthStar POS. A two-question feedback platform by Ovation Up (Orem, UT) allows restaurants to collect surveys and feedback via various channels, including text messages, e-mails, and social media. It supports in-store and online ordering within CBS NorthStar POS.

"We're extremely pleased to partner with Ovation to offer our customers a seamless solution for collecting and responding to guest feedback," shared Anthony Presley, CTO of CBS NorthStar. "Our POS software is designed to streamline restaurant operations and drive revenue, and by integrating with Ovation, we can help our customers build brand loyalty and drive revenue through actionable guest feedback." As parent company of CBS NorthStar: Custom Business Solutions (Irvine, CA).

In February, Ovation Up unveiled its refreshed Ovation Mobile App. As is the case with an existing Ovation Winback App, it enables real-time response from customers. It also adds new features, including searching and filtering of conversations, smoother template selection and company switching, and enhanced reporting and User Interface.

CBS NorthStar POS Adds Guest Feedback by Ovation Up

Code Corner

A nifty function for dual pricing--card versus cash--has been incorporated into restaurant software by Snack POS (New York, NY). With this feature, restaurants may offer discounted pricing for customers who pay with cash or other non-credit card methods, while providing transparency at the time of checkout. Allowing restaurants to customize the fee structure, it also carries reporting, so restaurants can track credit card fees and discounts and determine their impact on profitability. "We understand the challenges that restaurants face when it comes to managing costs and profitability, especially in today's competitive market," projected Shmuly Preizler, CEO of Snack. "Our new dual pricing feature is designed to help restaurants reduce the impact of credit card processing fees on their bottom line, while also providing customers with payment flexibility."

Snack POS Adds Dual Pricing Feature

Channel Chatter

ISVs to Watch

-BigTime Software: B2B
-Biller Genie: AR/AP
-Cusi: Utilities
-Everyware: Money Transfer
-Kickfin: Tipping
-ParkHub: Parking
-Paymints: Real Estate
-SoftPoint: Biometrics
-Transact Campus: Campuses
-Zuza: Omnichannel

Source: "Top 10 Payments ISVs," as chosen by the Electronic Transactions Association (Washington, DC).


QSR: "Curb" Your Enthusiasm

An enhanced platform for online order and pick-up for restaurants has been fashioned by Curbit (Calabasas, CA) and QSR Automations (Louisville, KY). In this system, Curbit dynamically updates quote times in participating digital channels based on the restaurant's kitchen capacity. Once an order is placed, Curbit provides the customer with an accurate "ready time," as well as any subsequent updates.

Similarly, the ConnectSmart kitchen technology by QSR ensures order fulfillment is always based on priority. It ensures front-of-house staff is told when and where to deliver each order, while customers are queued in the "virtual drive-thru" to the desired hand-off destination. In practice, promise times for customer pick-up were consistently within 60 seconds of actual ready times, resulting in fresh, hot food, promised the two parties.

"Demand for digital ordering has resulted in a misalignment between order timing and kitchen activity," explained Scott Siegel, Co-Founder and CEO of Curbit. "We use machine learning to synchronize arrivals with food production leveraged from QSR's real-time data. When we couple the QSR ConnectSmart's order prioritization features, we're able to make drastic improvements to the off-premises experience."

An Enhanced Online Order and Pick-Up System From Curbit and QSR Automations

A Command Center at Teklynx

A new version of its enterprise label management solution, designated Central Version 7.0, has been released by Teklynx International (Glendale, WI). As off-the-shelf software, Central 7.0 furnishes centralized label design, approval, print automation, and reporting. It integrates with on-premise or cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). A browser-based print interface includes secure user log-in.

"We're thrilled to launch the enhancements offered in Teklynx Central 7.0 and pride ourselves on continuously improving our software solutions based on customer needs, industry standards, and advancing technology," relayed Thierry Mauger, President of Teklynx International. "It helps companies simplify label printing across their supply chain and more easily adapt to change." As new features, Central 7.0 has the following: enhanced print capability, server auto-scaling, search improvements, auto-save for disruptions, detailed audit trail, and more easily adjusted margins for the labels.

Also, an online storefront has been opened by Teklynx. "We take customer feedback seriously, and when they asked for a faster way to purchase our software, we listened," related Doug Niemeyer, President and GM of Teklynx Americas. "Now, people can buy Label Matrix, Label View or Code Soft anytime without being constrained by business hours; they can compare our software products or prices and generate price quotes independently; and they can upgrade to the latest version or renew their subscription licenses. If buying online isn't their preference, our team and resellers are here and happy to help."

Teklynx Debuts Central 7.0 Enterprise Label Management Software and New Online Storefront

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POS & Peripherals
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Payment Logistics

Receipt Printers
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Woosim Systems

Stands, Mounts, Cradles
Star Micronics


Paytronix Tools Up

A path to mobile app management for restaurants and convenience stores has been marked by Paytronix (Newton, MA). A self-service tool, specified as the Paytronix Mobile Experience Builder, it allows brands to engage customers by publishing content on their mobile apps--such as announcements, personalized messages, and limited time offers (LTOs)--in real-time. Also, it provides access to geo-fencing technology, enabling delivery of store-specific subjects.

In short, it eliminates the need for costly third-party designers and developers of apps, according to Paytronix. Among components, it includes: personalized welcome message, image carousel, messaging center, point tracker, order again button, check-in button, and scannable loyalty card. "Restaurants and convenience stores must meet guest where they are, and more than ever, they are on their mobile devices," expressed Andrew Robbins, CEO of Paytronix.

"This is the tool we never knew we needed until we had it. It's made it faster and easier to update messages, images, and offerings in real-time," reported Reed Daniels, CEO of regional chain Red's Savoy Pizza (based in Eden Prairie, MN). "We want to lead in technology. Getting a fully functioning app with online ordering, gift cards, and loyalty, all integrated, is well beyond the budget for a brand of our size. The only way we can do that is with a partner such as Paytronix." At present, Red's Savoy Pizza has two dozen stores.

A Paytronix Mobile Experience Builder for Apps

SuitePOS Sparks Rally

A deployment of SuitePOS (Wilmington, DE) has rolled out at specialty sports retailer, Rally House. With approximately 130 stores across the U.S., as well as thriving e-commerce site, Rally House (based in Lenexa, KS) sells merchandise branded with hundreds of local, college, and professional sports teams' logos and colors. It has over one million SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). A retrofit of its POS started in 2021.

An extension of Oracle's NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), with no separate database or need for connectors, SuitePOS proved simpler, speedier, and more scalable than the previous POS. A single app, SuitePOS, part of SuiteRetail, works on Apple's iPad and iPhone. As an accompanying upgrade in its payments, Rally House chose Square.

"SuitePOS is so intuitive that if you hired someone off the street, they could come in and use the POS," suggested Dane Lickteig, Business Systems Manager at Rally House. "It's much more user-friendly for our sales associates, and it's made about 95% of their tasks far easier and more straightforward. And roll-out was extremely painless. We went from four terminals to 100 per month, which shows the flexibility."

Specialty Sports Retailer Rally House Picks SuitePOS

Channel Factoid

POS Terminals

Shipped 2022

By Region:

-Worldwide: +14.0%

-North America: +14.0%

-EMEA: +11.8%

-Latin/South America: +26.5%

-Asia/Pacific: +11.1%

By Sector:

-Hospitality: +17.8%

-Convenience/Gas: +15.6%

-Specialty Stores: +13.9%

Source: "POS Terminal Hardware Share," by the IHL Group (Nashville, TN). In 2023, "shipments will be positive for each region once again as so many units are overdue for replacement," predicts the IHL Group.


Worldwide Shipments of POS Terminals Grows 14%

A Message From the Editor

We look forward to continuing our mission, and welcome your suggestions and thoughts on improvements. Wishing you and your family health, happiness, and prosperity in 2023!

Michael Kachmar, Editor


A Lineage at Linga

A veteran has joined restaurant ISV Linga rOS (Naples, FL) as its new VP of Sales. Of her experience, Daymion Phelps has served as Director of Sales for Heartland Retail, VP of Business Development and Director of Enterprise Accounts at Springboard Retail, VP of Sales at Teamwork Commerce, Director of Business Development at Microsoft VAR IUG Business Solutions, and Sales Manager at BMI-POS Inc. She started her career as Channel Manager for Radiant Systems (now part of NCR).

"We are delighted to bring Daymion into our organization," commented Onur Haytac, Founder and CEO of Linga rOS. "She will bring incredible expertise to her new role, and I am sure she will serve as a thought leader for her team and the employees she will directly oversee." Established in 2004, Linga rOS was an early developer of cloud-based software for restaurant and hospitality POS.

Daymion Phelps, VP of Sales, Linga rOS

Scaling the Payroc

A promotion to Chief Revenue Officer for Joe Garza, formerly Chief Innovation Officer, at Payroc WorldAccess (Tinely Park, IL). Before joining Payroc, he was Co-Founder of eConduit, developer of an API (Application Programming Interface) for EMV Compliance, which was purchased by Payroc in 2020. Other experience includes payment players Elavon, Moneris Solutions, and American National Bankcard.

"I'm excited and humbled to guide a seasoned team of payment executives with continued success in a dynamically changing payment landscape," indicated Garza. "With our devoted attention to acquiring uniquely positioned payment organizations, hiring the top industry talent, and proprietary approach to platform and client-facing applications, Payroc is uniquely positioned to excel in traditional sales channels, strategic alliances, ISVs, and tech-embedded channels to thrive in an ever-changing landscape for years to come."

"As Payroc continues to expand our capabilities in integrated payments and partner enablement, Joe is the perfect candidate to drive our growth," stated Adam Oberman, Co-Founder and President of Payroc. "I'm confident in his abilities to develop and implement cutting-edge strategies for our clients and drive success for our employees." Started in 2003, Payroc processes annual volume of $65 billion.

Joe Garza, Chief Revenue Officer, Payroc WorldAccess

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