Week of January 29, 2024
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

A new barcode and RFID SmartSled has been unboxed at Koamtac (Princeton, NJ). With "custom case," and easy-to-use green scan buttons, the Model KDC1000 features forward-facing 1D/2D scan engine, while the Model KDC1100 features 35-degree downward-angled 1D/2D scan engine--each with standard, medium, and extended range. Initially, it accompanies Apple iPhone 15, 14, and 13 and Samsung Galaxy XCover7. As connectivity, the KDC1000/1100 employs physical connector--either USB Type-C or Lightning--depending on the host device. If preferred, the KDC1000/1100 can also connect to host devices via Bluetooth 5/BLE. Accessories include readers for short- and long-range UHF, extended 2000 mAh battery, pistol grip with 6000 mAh battery, and payment card reader capacity.

Koamtac's New SmartSled


A Constellation of Scanners

A new product line of barcode scanners has been rolled out at Star Micronics America (Somerset, NJ). With 1D/2D reading, the series includes desktop, handheld USB, and wireless. As desktop, the Model BSD-40U combines superior motion tolerance, large field of view, and high-resolution CMOS. With wireless Bluetooth 5/BLE, the Model BSH-32B has high-resolution CMOS, Green LED Aimer, and 12 hour battery.

A handheld USB scanner, the Model BSH-32U furnishes versatile use in retail, hospitality, and event spaces. It reads and parses 1D/2D barcodes from multiple surfaces and features an IP-42 rating and 5 ft./1.5 m drop resistance. A fourth entry, the Model BSH-20U, offers the capabilities of 2D scanning at the cost of 1D, according to Star Micronics.

"Our new range of scanners is the result of listening to the market and steadfast innovation aimed at providing our customers with the best POS technology," declared Christophe Naasz, Global Director of Business Development at Star Micronics. "The BSD-40U, BSH-32B, BSH-32U, and BSH-20U models embody our commitment to the highest quality and efficiency. We're excited to see how these scanners will transform the operations of so many small to medium-sized businesses." In addition to its family of thermal printers, and barcode scanners, Star Micronics supplies cash drawers, scales, enclosures/display stands, consumables, and health/safety labels and guards.

Star Micronics Debuts New Barcode Scanners

Across the Universe: Payments

A global payment and fraud management platform for unified commerce has been proposed, and put in early development, by Ingenico (Alpharetta, GA and Paris, France) and Cybersource (Foster City, CA). It draws upon the AXIUM Android technology developed by Ingenico and the open platform of Cybersource, now part of Visa. Initial deployment will take place in Asia-Pacific, followed by other regions.

"We are thrilled to partner with Visa to forge a path towards a more integrated and complete payment ecosystem," expressed Nigel Lee, Chief Customer Officer of Ingenico. "Combining the global reach of Visa and Ingenico and using the Ingenico Android technology stack, will accelerate innovation and reduce complexity. We believe together we can reduce time to market for customers and allow our clients and partners to realize the benefits of a truly unified omnichannel solution."

According to the two new partners, for ISVs the API (Application Programming Interface)-driven capability of this unified commerce platform will provide easy integration. Also, as another benefit, ISVs may leverage the services of acquirers already integrated with the platform. In 2010, Visa purchased Cybersource (and its Authorized.net).

Ingenico Partners With Cybersource

Worth Your While

NGA Show
National Grocers Association
March 10-12
Las Vegas, NV

MHI Materials
March 11-14
Atlanta, GA

Pack Expo East
PMMI - Association for Packaging
and Processing Technologies
March 18-20
Philadelphia, PA

ETA Transact
Electronic Transactions Association
April 17-19
Las Vegas, NV

NRA Show
National Restaurant Association
May 18-21
Chicago, IL


MagTek Gets "Go"-ing

A compact full-featured reader for payments, the DynaFlex II Go, has been showcased by MagTek (Seal Beach, CA). In dimensions of 2.8"/70 mm (W) x 2.6"/65 mm (L) x 0.8"/20 mm (H), weighing approximately 3 oz./90 g, DynaFlex II Go may be utilized as countertop or portable, with USB-C and Bluetooth 5/BLE. It accommodates the range of payment methods, including magnetic-stripe, barcodes, contact and contactless cards, and mobile wallets (Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay) via NFC.

As security, DynaFlex II Go adheres to PCI (Payment Card Industry) PTS 6.x SCR & PED. As expected, it supports Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux O/S, with support for Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap. As expected, it seamlessly integrates with MagTek's Magensa L3-Certified Gateway and Suite of Data Protection Services. A desktop cradle and OtterBox UniVerse Adaptor are offered as accessories.

"DynaFlex II Go not only encapsulates flexibility in its small and rugged design but is also our inaugural end-to-end solution with Magensa, supporting AES-256 encryption, DUKPT Key Management, and with CMAC Authentication [Cipher-Based Message Authentication Code]," emphasized Andy Deignan, MagTek's CEO. "MagTek remains steadfast in our commitment to innovation, offering clients the confidence to transact, knowing their data is safeguarded by top-tier technology."

A Full-Featured Compact Reader: DynaFlex II Go

A Delegation of Citizens

A trio of new thermal printers has been unveiled at Citizen Systems America (Gardena, CA), including, for labels, Model CL-S700III, and for POS, Models CT-S801III and CT-S851III. As an enhanced version of the CL-S700 Series, the CL-S700III carries new color LCD touchscreen and features such as print previewing, shortcuts, and USB-enabled "Live Forms." With 4"/100 mm print width, CL-S700III features print speed of 12"/300 mm/second at 203 dpi and 10"/250 mm/second at 300 dpi.

With 3"/80 mm print width, Models CT-S801III and CT-S851III feature print speed of 20"/500 mm/second at 203 dpi. Advanced capabilities include remote monitoring and maintenance and, for integration, standard USB Type-B. Also, both printers come disinfectant ready.

"The CL-S700III blends high-quality label printing with an enhanced user experience," observed Eddy Sullivan, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Citizen Systems America. "Offering effortless customization, this printer, alongside the CT-S801III and CT-S851III POS, set new standards." Also, Citizen Systems has partnered with Denso ADC to present firmware for the rectangular Miro QR Code, or rmQR.

New Printers by Citizen Systems America: Model CL-S700III (Left), CT-S801III (Top Right) and CT-S851III (Bottom Right)

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Red Flags for Processors

#1 - Merchant has Unfavorable Personal Credit History

#2 - Merchant is in High-Risk Industry

#3 - Inconsistencies Between Processing Volume and Industry

#4 - Merchant Appears on MATCH List (Mastercard Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants), Also Known as Terminated Merchant File (TMF)

#5 - Merchant Has Active Tax Lien

#6 - Merchant's Business Has Bad Reputation

Source: POS Depot


It's Dejavoo All Over Again

A new distribution partner has been recruited for payments hardware from Dejavoo Systems (Mineola, NY), in the form of POS Global Concepts. Started in 2003, POS Global Concepts provides new and refurbished payment terminals, peripherals, and associated services. It has 3,000 customers, according to its website, addressed from its 12,000-sq.-ft. facility in Richmond, VA.

"In our pursuit to enhance and optimize our customers' experience, we have identified Dejavoo's products to be a valuable addition to our offerings," relayed Gordon Wisotzki, Founder and President of POS Global Concepts. "Dejavoo's reputation in the North American market is well established, and they offer a comprehensive range of highly impressive products. We look forward to growing our partnership."

Also in January, Dejavoo announced implementation of auto-filling payment data enrichment--in compliance with Levels 1, 2, and 3--across transactions performed on its payment terminals and powered by its own iPOSpays Gateway. It eliminates the need for merchants to manually enter such detailed data, thereby saving time and reducing the risk of human error. "With an L2 and L3 auto-filling data feature, ISOs, VARs, MSPs [Merchant Service Providers], and their merchants will see significant savings through lower interchange rates," reported Mony Zenou, Founder and CEO of Dejavoo and iPOS Systems.

A New Distribution Partner for Dejavoo: POS Global Concepts. (Shown: Dejavoo's Z8 Tri Comm Payment Terminal)

No Burning the Toast

A text-to-order capability, from OhWaiter (Santa Monica, CA), has been added to the third-party ecosystem of Toast POS (Boston, MA). It allows customers to place food orders directly from their phones. It's particularly useful in hospitality locations with hard-to-reach areas such as guest rooms, golf courses, and swimming pools, according to Toast.

In keeping with the times, it employs AI to drive engagement with customers. Once activated, it can save a location's phone number and produce text-to-order again anytime without re-scanning of QR Code. Also, it can recognize each customer, determine if they are on or off the premises, and handle multiple aspects of their order.

"AI-infused text-to-order channels are becoming a cost-effective way to connect directly with your customers and take their orders," espoused AJ Vernet, OhWaiter's COO and Co-Founder. "OhWaiter acts like a perfect waiter every time, upselling items when appropriate. It has no limit on the number of orders it can process simultaneously. We eliminate any unnecessary wait time or staffing challenges an operator will have while saving them money on commission since the customer is already acquired."

Toast Adds Text-to-Order Capability by OhWaiter

[Editor's Note: In November 2023, Toast finally launched its mobile app, designated Toast Now.]

Code Corner

An expanded supply chain execution solution, dubbed BuyerExpert, has been tendered by Made4net (Teaneck, NJ). It offers end-to-end visibility, encompassing critical areas of Warehouse Management, Forecasting, Shipping/Receiving, and Purchasing/Finance. As specific features, the company cites: Order Management, Store Allocations, Centralized Procurement, Vendor Performance and Compliance Rules, and Vendor Invoice Reconciliation. Also, it prioritizes store rankings. "BuyerExpert was built on the foundation of Made4net's configurable SCExpert [Warehouse Management System, or WMS], allowing for the creation of add-ons while preserving platform uniformity and leveraging existing components like Integration Services, EDI [Electronic Data Interchange], User Management, Security, Database Access, and UI [User Interface] Configuration," explained Lonny Avital, EVP of Professional Services at Made4net. "It seamlessly integrates with SCExpert."

BuyerExpert Released by Made4net


A so-called "low code" semi-integrated payment solution by Payroc (Tinley Park, IL), called PayByCloud, targets ISVs. As such, it eliminates time and cost for development of software for the Payroc Gateway. As devices, Payroc currently emphasizes the AXIUM Series from Ingenico (Alpharetta, GA) and the A80 from PAX Technology (Jacksonville, FL). "PayByCloud makes processing easier and more frictionless," suggested Casey Conley, Chief Product Officer at Payroc. "With a 'low code' semi-integrated approach and a cloud-based connection, PayByCloud eliminates the complexities of traditional integrations. This is our dedication to innovation and providing the tools for success in today's dynamic market."

Payroc Presents PayByCloud


Hearing From Sound

A first brace of system updates, for 2024, has been launched for Sound POS (Jacksonville, FL). As major focus, it addresses areas of return/refund and manual entry categorization, migration of POS, and pay-out reporting. In addition, Sound POS has added more terminals to its hardware options--specifically, the Elys 1400 Workstation, E700 Mini Tablet, and A800 Countertop and Mobile Payment Terminal--from hardware partner PAX Technology (also in Jacksonville, FL).

As functionality, merchants may now set up unique categories for returns (such as: "didn't fit, wrong color, defective," etc.) and then choose to send the item back to inventory. In categorization of manually entered items (such as: "weighted candy," individually priced), the system will present drop down list of already established, suitable categories. Additional new features are the seamless template for migration of POS and expanded--to two-years--payout reporting.

"You've been asking and we are listening," indicated Andrew Russell, CEO of Sound Payments. "We wanted to start the year with a number of enhancements to demonstrate our commitment to our resellers. This is just the beginning of updates and announcements for Sound POS in 2024." (A tobacco rebate program was introduced in July 2023.)

Enhancement Added to Sound POS in 2024

Rocking the Cradle With 5G

A new networking solution for small businesses--including applications of POS, Video Surveillance, Inventory, and IoT--has been unwrapped by Cradlepoint (Boise, ID). Under the stock number of E100 5G Enterprise Router, it combines the performance of 5G with state-of-the-art security via Cradlepoint NetCloud Exchange. Integrated SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) and "Zero Trust" furnish leading-edge, scalable 5G SASE (Secure Area Service Edge), according to Cradlepoint.

In small form factor of 10.6"/270 mm (L) x 5.3"/135 mm (W) x 1.9"/48 mm (H), weighing less than 2 lbs./1 kg, the E100 5G Enterprise Router offers embedded 5G NR (New Radio) with Cat 19 LTE or Cat 7 LTE. As wired connections, it features 5 x Ethernet. As performance, it has 850 Mbps Firewall Throughput, 250 Mbps IPS Throughput, 250 Mbps Application Aware Services, and 40 Mbps IPSec VPN Throughput.

"Historically, many of the connectivity capabilities that large enterprises, including retail and financial services organizations, need for their businesses have been unavailable or unaffordable for small footprint locations," cited Donna Johnson, CMO of Cradlepoint and Ericsson's Head of Marketing for Enterprise Wireless Solutions. "With market-leading 5G connectivity, Zero Trust Security, SD-WAN, and Cloud Management in this small form factor, IT managers can now scale to distributed locations with confidence--something that is increasingly necessary in the rapidly changing market we see today." (In September 2020, Cradlepoint was bought for $1B by Sweden's Ericsson.)

Cradlepoint's E100 5G Enterprise Router for SMB


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Stands, Mounts, Cradles
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"Xplor"-ing Payments in the SMB

A new mobile payment app, simply entitled Xplor Pay Mobile, seeks to fulfill the needs of small businesses and individual contractors. As end-users, it cites electricians, plumbers, painters, landscapers, cleaning services, and therapists, along with food trucks, farmer's markets, and street festival vendors. With support for iOS and Android O/S, using simple card reader with wireless Bluetooth, it offers an off-line mode, in case of internet outage or no coverage, as well as dual processing, which automatically shows the card and cash price for choice by the customer.

"Every small business needs payment technology they can rely on, to help them attract more customers and win more business. By providing a mobile payment app, complete with an off-line mode, we are helping merchants deliver a better experience to their customers and manage their business more effectively," remarked Nick Campbell, Chief Product Officer, Payments, Xplor Technologies. "Xplor Pay Mobile makes it quick, easy, and as secure as possible for small businesses to take payments, so that they never miss a sale while on the move."

Offered via the distribution channel of Clearent by Xplor, as payment data security, the Xplor Pay Mobile App employs Tokenization and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). As readers may recall, Xplor Technologies was formed in February 2021 by the merger of payment processor Clearent (St. Louis, MO) and software developer Transaction Services Group (Atlanta, GA). As owner, there's private equity firm Advent Int.

An Xplor Pay Mobile App From Clearent

A Latte From ADAM

A letter of intent for robotic beverage service has been signed between Richtech Robotics and Ghost Kitchens Int. It seeks to install 240 ADAM Systems from Richtech at Ghost Kitchens' sites, some of which are located within stores of Walmart. Within each location, Ghost Kitchens prepares, markets, and sells nationally branded products, including food, beverages, and packaged goods. ADAM will serve as its barista.

According to the LOI, Richtech Robotics will keep the beverage system running on ADAM through programming, maintenance, and repair, while Ghost Kitchens continues its role of managing staff, location logistics, and associated leasing within Walmart. ADAM will operate via fully integrated touchscreen POS for ordering and payments. With customer-facing interface, it makes customized beverages on-demand. In addition, staff of Ghost Kitchens will be trained to work with ADAM.

Announcement of these plans follows recent milestones at Richtech Robotics, including its IPO in November 2023 and incorporation of AI in ADAM. "Building on our recent successes, the prospect of engagement with Ghost Kitchens, a synergistic brand at the forefront of innovative food and beverage technology concepts, provides important momentum as we continue to execute on our business plan and provide value for shareholders," related Matt Casella, President of Richtech Robotics (Las Vegas, NV). "We expect ADAM to contribute to the improvement of operational capabilities, enhancing behind-the-register efficiency, and increasing customer engagement at Ghost Kitchens."

Richtech Robotics to Serve Ghost Kitchens Int.

Channel Factoid

What We Bought

Holiday Sales - Nov. to Dec. 2023

-Electronics/Appliances: +9.3%

-Health/Personal Care: +9%

-Online/Non-Store: +8.2%

-Clothing/Accessories: +3%

-General Merchandise: +2%

-Grocery/Beverage: +1.1%

-Sporting Goods: +0.3%

-Building/Garden Supply: -3.9%

-Furniture/Home: -6.2%

Source: National Retail Federation

Holiday Sales Grew 3.8% to Record $964.4B

A Message From the Editor

As we eagerly enter another year--approaching 20!--our mission remains constant: to fill the need for timely, focused, non-biased news in the channel for POS & Auto ID (and now Mobility). If anything, that need grows more pressing in the face of new technologies, go-to-market strategies, business models, and consumer expectations. We look forward to continuing our mission, and welcome your suggestions and thoughts on improvements.

Michael Kachmar, Editor


Playing Ball at Bookkeep

Alison Ball has joined Bookkeep (Brooklyn, NY), provider of accounting automation platform for retail and e-commerce, as VP of Marketing and Communications. Her resume includes 16 years of leadership at Intuit, culminating in the role of Senior Communications Manager. At Intuit, she expanded the Trainer/Writer Network of Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Most recently, she served as Director of Communications and Partnerships at financial software player, Liscio.

"Alison has created the playbook in our industry for how to engage, equip, and empower accountants and bookkeepers. She instinctively understands the pain points and challenges as a former bookkeeper and is skilled in collaborating with engineering teams to devise solutions accounting professionals need," enthused Jason Richelson, CEO and Co-Founder of Bookkeep (and Founder of ShopKeep). "As more commerce is done online and the complexity of managing daily sales reports and revenue reconciliation increases, Alison will play a significant role in ensuring the market understands our platform and accountants, bookkeepers, and e-commerce CFOs can easily access our software."

"Accounting for e-commerce and retail daily sales is a gnarly problem that Bookkeep elegantly solves, but often these entries are only booked monthly, due to the complexity. As a software firm started by and for accountants and bookkeepers, the team Jason built just gets it--Bookkeep earns its name every day," reflected Ball. "The reliability and simplicity of the platform are unmatched and it connects with virtually any retail or e-commerce platform, including the major players."

Alison Ball, VP of Marketing and Communications, Bookkeep

PCI SSC "Discovers" New Director

A changing in leadership for the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC, Wakefield, MA) has Gina Gobeyn as new Executive Director. She succeeds Lance Johnson, who has retired after leading the PCI SSC as Executive Director since 2017. Gobeyn comes to the PCI SSC after a long, successful career at Discover, where she most recently served as Chief Risk Management Officer, Payment Services.

"Gina knows the PCI SSC, our industry stakeholders, and the many challenges that the payment industry is facing every day," commented Lib de Veyra, Chair of the PCI SSC Executive Committee. "Having served in a senior role at Discover, she brings a level of payment security expertise that will be of tremendous benefit to the PCI SSC. She was the ideal pick for this role. We also would like to thank Lance Johnson for his guidance over the past six years. His steady leadership during Covid and this period of remarkable change within the payments industry has put the PCI SSC on the path to continued success."

"I have had a front row seat for nearly 18 years in seeing the incredible value the PCI SSC has brought to the payments industry throughout the world," contributed Gobeyn. "Around the globe, the PCI Security Standards are recognized as the gold standard for securing payments. We are a shining example of what can be accomplished when an industry comes together to lead and works together towards a common goal. As the payments industry changes at a lightning pace, it is more important than ever that payment security standards and supporting programs keep up with that change."

Gina Gobeyn, Executive Director, Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC)

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