Week of July 25, 2022
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

Epson America (Los Alamitos, CA) has presented its color inkjet label printer, the ColorWorks C4000. In dimensions of 12.2"/310 mm (W) x 11.1"/283 mm (D) x 11.2"/285 mm (H), weighing 28.7 lbs./13 kg, the ColorWorks C4000 has maximum print width of 4.3"/108 mm. It has performance, depending on application, ranging from 4"/102 mm per second print speed at 300x600 dpi resolution to 0.3"/8 mm per second print speed at 1200x1200 dpi resolution. It features color LCD screen, Nozzle Verification Technology, and optional Wi-Fi. As compatibility: ZPL II, major middleware, SAP, Windows, Mac, and Linux. "No matter the label application--product, packaging, barcode, or shipping--the ColorWorks C4000 can deliver high-quality, durable color labels on-demand with added features of connectivity and management tools at a comparable price point to thermal label printers," suggested Andy Scherz, Senior Product Manager, Commercial Labels, Epson America.

Epson America's C4000 Color Label Printer


It's SCO on Wheels

A partnership between A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. (Tel Aviv, Israel) and STCR Business Systems (Endwell, NY) will bring next-generation, mobile, self-checkout (SCO) to retailers in the U.S. and Canada. It employs the so-called Cust2Mate Smart Cart by A2Z, which furnishes "pick, pay, go" functionality for customers, bypassing traditional checkout. Each shopping cart carries computing, touchscreen, barcode scanner, weighing system, and payment terminal, with wireless networking.

"Grocers know they can count on STCR for the most advanced and efficient retail technology solutions," declared Farrell McKenna, VP of Operations at STCR. "We are thrilled to add Cust2Mate Smart Carts to our product portfolio as they revolutionize the shopping experience for customers and hand retailers the keys to long-term customer engagement." An historic player in channel POS, STCR focuses on Toshiba (Durham, NC) and LOC Software (Laval, QC, Canada).

"As a leading POS solutions provider, STCR is well positioned to help Cust2Mate accelerate its growth path while transforming the in-store shopping experience to one that is quick, frictionless, and fun," enthused Rafi Yam, CEO of Cust2Mate at A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. "We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with this industry powerhouse." A network, with "heat maps," allows sending of promotions, as well as collecting of data on shopper behavior.

STCR Embraces Self-Checkout (SCO) Mobile Smart Carts by Cust2Mate/A2Z

A Pack of Pax and Datacap

A bundled solution for multi-processor attended and unattended payment environments has been launched by Pax Technology (Jacksonville, FL) and Datacap Systems (Chalfont, PA). It combines terminal hardware (and PxRetailer Software) by Pax with the universal gateway, NETePay Hosted, by Datacap. Options for integration include Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as embedded and browser-based tie-ins, such as Datacap's recently released middleware, DC Direct.

"Addition of the Android line of products from Pax to the Datacap stable provides our base of technology partners with contemporary solutions for fixed, mobile, and unattended card-present payments," reported Justin Zeigler, Director of Product at Datacap Systems. "New integration options for Pax hardware and NETePay Hosted compatibility makes for an incredibly versatile next-gen payments platform for our mutual partners." Additional functionality, for cross-border payments, will be forthcoming from Pax Technology and Datacap Systems.

"Datacap will help deliver our state-of-the-art and secure products and solutions in a complete package," relayed John Arato, SVP for Retail Solutions at Pax Technology. "Together, Pax and Datacap have a solution for retail, grocery, restaurant, and unattended systems providers." Device models currently supported include Pax's IM30, A30, A77, A920 Pro, and Aries8. Additional Pax devices are soon to follow.

"A Contemporary Solution for Fixed, Mobile, and Unattended Card-Present Payments" -- Datacap Systems

[Editor's Note: Also, Datacap has joined with Card Market (Nolensville, TN) to deliver custom gift cards via its new Datacap Gift.]


Worth Your While

Western States Acquirers Association
September 7-8
Huntington Beach, CA

September 12-14
Orlando, FL

September 19-21
Dallas, TX

Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing
October 1-4
Las Vegas

Channel Connect
October 2-5
Nashville, TN

November 15-18
Las Vegas, NV



Aures Does the TWIST-P

Aures Technologies has unwrapped its new compact, all-in-one terminal for POS, the TWIST-P. Building on the company's TWIST, it now features dedicated space under the stand to include an accompanying cube-shaped, 3"/80 mm thermal receipt printer (Aures Model ODP 444). It continues use of the 13.3" high-definition, projected-capacitive touchscreen (1920x1080) and ultra-flat, fanless design of the TWIST.

With proprietary stand in black and red coloring, the TWIST-P measures 12.6"/321 mm (W) x 9.6"/243 mm (D) x 10.6"/269 mm (H). It offers choice of three Intel processors--Kaby Lake i5, Skylake i3, or Bay Trail J1900--enclosed in an ultra-rigid and accessible casing developed by Aures (in size of 4" x 4"/10 cm x 10 cm), as well as two M2 SSD Slots. It also furnishes USB Type-C for delivery of power, data, and video.

In addition, integration of additional peripherals such as 1D/2D scanner (Aures Model PS 400) and customer-facing display (Aures Model OCD 400) is performed via magnetic system. "We think TWIST-P fits nicely for space-conscious, stylish applications," proposed Jeff Burroughs, Managing Director at Aures Technologies. In North America, Aures Technologies is affiliated with Retail Technology Group (Fenton, MO).

Aures Ships TWIST-P POS Terminal With New Stand

An Easy SDK for KDC

A new SDK (Software Development Kit) has been released for the family of KDC scanners from Koamtac (Princeton NJ). It allows all KDC/BLE devices--companion, wearable, and smart sled--to be programmed via web browser while connected to Windows PC, iOS, or Android (via Bluetooth). Users may now write cross-platform applications that run within the web browser, including barcode and RFID, rather than needing various SDKs for different O/S, according to Koamtac.

For desktop browsers, the Web SDK supports Chrome, Version 85 and higher, and Microsoft Edge, Version 85 and higher. Support for mobile browsers includes Chrome for Android, Version 85 and higher, and Samsung Internet, Version 7.0 and higher. As expected, the Web SDK runs in secure HTTPS environment.

"Our Koamtac Web SDK aims to make users' lives easier allowing for more flexibility and adaptability than your standard O/S-specific SDK," emphasized Dr. Hanjin Lee, President of Koamtac. "We empower users by providing the best development tools available--assisting them in creating the best custom applications for their KDC operations with efficiency and efficacy in mind." The Web SDK is complimentary for existing KDC customers upon signing an associated release agreement.

Koamtac Develops Web-Based Cross-Platform Software Development Kit for KDC/BLE Scanners

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Playing House (With CrunchTime)

A merger has taken place between two "back-of-house" restaurant operations software providers: CrunchTime Information Systems (Boston, MA) and Zenput (San Francisco, CA). A common platform by the two will encompass functionality for inventory, food safety, labor scheduling, staff training, brand standards, and reporting and analytics. In its purchase of Zenput, CrunchTime has financial backing from Battery Ventures (Boston, MA).

"The restaurant industry has changed so dramatically in the last two years," observed Bill Bellissimo, Founder and CEO at CrunchTime. "It's impossible to overstate how much the pandemic has impacted the consumer experience, as well as a restaurant's ability to serve its guests. With a persistent labor shortage, supply chain challenges, and shifting expectations from consumers, it's critical that restaurants have the right technology in place to mitigate these issues."

"Bill and the CrunchTime team share a similar vision for how technology can be applied to fuel productivity and growth for chain operators," contributed Vladik Rikhter, CEO at Zenput. "I'm delighted to be bringing our teams and products together as it gives us an opportunity to make a real difference for our customers and the industry." A combined company serves over 500 brands operating in excess of 100,000 locations in over 100 countries, with a number of previously shared customers, including P.F. Chang's, Five Guys, The Cheesecake Factory, and Sweetgreen.

A Combination of CrunchTime and Zenput for Restaurants

Aloha Greets Acrelec

A closer relationship for Acrelec (Chicago, IL and Paris, France) and NCR Corporation (Atlanta, GA). It offers an integration of Aloha POS by NCR with kiosk, digital signage, and drive-thru solutions by Acrelec. In making their announcement, the two parties emphasized their respective depths of experience in hardware, software, and support.

"Our digital signage capabilities go beyond displaying a menu with dynamic pricing and product outage," expounded Thibaud Denolle, Acrelec Innovation and Marketing Director. "Restaurant marketing teams can create mesmerizing indoor video wall experiences on the same flexible platform they use to design personalized, loyalty-enabled drive-thru journeys. The result is higher sales, increased brand fidelity, and greater customer retention."

"Working with all the major global QSR brands [i.e., McDonald's, Dunkin', Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell] has taught us that to be the best partner, we must harmonize with an existing ecosystem of partners as well," continued Denolle. "While Acrelec can be a one-stop shop, we're more than happy to collaborate with any stakeholder to develop new solutions that unlock opportunities for our customers and grow their business." In January, Acrelec engaged John Owen, former VP of Strategy and Execution at McDonald's, as its President of the Americas.

NCR's Aloha POS Integrated With Kiosk, Digital Signage, and Drive-Thru by Acrelec

Code Corner

Tri-Tech (Dubuque, IA) has offered new integration with Pointy by Google. Retailers using AIM Version 12 and Active-e Services from Tri-Tech can download Pointy for free to their POS. When retailers scan their inventory, these products are uploaded to an online catalog for their store, and in turn, are displayed on the retailer's Business Profile on Google. Also, products increase their presence in relevant product-related searches on Google. "An interface with Pointy enhances the already robust benefits of Tri-Tech's AIM Software," indicated Amber Earles, Director of Product Management for Tri-Tech. "For our reseller network, Pointy helps your end-users' stores to reach more customers by showing them what the store sells."

Tri-Tech Gets Pointy by Google

Storewise (Overland Park, KS) has added Dynamic Sales Reporting to its grocery platform in the SMB. It's offered independently or in combination with five previous modules from Storewise: TPR Automation, Price Analysis, Price Manager, Risk Reduction, and Ordering. It tracks store, department, and item-level performance. "All of our previous reporting was based on weekly Excel files we would have to then cut and paste or merge to evaluate sales opportunities," recounted John Stanze, Director of Operations at Cosentino's Food Stores. "Unfortunately, that was time consuming and prevented us from evaluating sales opportunities like we should. Having push button dynamic reporting allows us to look for negative trends we can turn around operationally."

Dynamic Sales Reporting by Storewise


Xplor Strikes Cannabidiol

Xplor Technologies (Atlanta, GA) has showcased its point-of-sale and payment processing package tailored for sales of Cannabidiol (CBD), as part of Xplor Pay. It includes functionality for cash discounts and surcharging, built-in inventory management, and marketing and loyalty campaign fulfillment. Importantly, it focuses on staying up-to-date on complex federal, state, and local regulations concerning sales of CBD.

"We look forward to supporting CBD businesses with our tailored Xplor Pay point-of-sale solution, which will help them reduce operating costs, improve profitability, and build lasting relationships with recurring customers," commented Matt Morrow, Chief Revenue Officer for Xplor Pay at Xplor Technologies. "We understand the pain points CBD retailers face, and we're uniquely positioned to help them not only overcome these, but also drive more value in this exciting, fast-growing industry." As readers may recall, Xplor Technologies was formed by the merger of TSG and Clearent in February 2021.

"Every day more businesses are looking for efficient ways to securely accept payments for CBD sales. By embedding Xplor's secure processing technologies into our software, Waave is well-positioned to meet growing demand by delivering a seamless payment experience for delivery, online, and in-store CBD sales," testified Silvana Carpanelli-Hayes, Founder and CEO of this ISV, Waave Technologies (Portland, OR). Estimates put CBD sales in the U.S. at more than $20B by 2024.

A Payments Platform Serves CBD Segment

ISV: "Bow Wow"

An end-to-end loyalty function for pet stores for ISV Celerant Technology (Staten Island, NY) draws upon Astro Loyalty (Atlanta, GA). Intended for independent retailers in the pet category, it supports the promotion efforts--and streamlines the rebate process--of suppliers of consumer packaged goods (CPG). With extended functionality, it ties Celerant's POS directly to the coupons and rewards in so-called Astro Offers.

Via Celerant's back-office software, retailers can access the latest promotion campaigns in the Astro Offers Promotion Engine, and select the incentives they want to offer their customers. Astro automatically transforms punch cards and coupons into digital format, and automatically captures and transmits transaction data to the suppliers immediately--enabling pet stores to sell more products and receive redemption credits faster and without any extra paperwork. Astro has thousands of participating pet brands, some of which are exclusive.

"With the cost of pet supplies increasing, and many customers shopping online, it is vital for local pet stores to streamline their business in-store and online, and offer customer incentives," expressed Ian Goldman, President/CEO of Celerant Technology. "In addition to our point-of-sale, e-commerce, mobile shopping apps, and pet industry vendor integrations, expanding our capabilities with Astro Loyalty helps pet supply retailers to further increase sales and customer loyalty, and to streamline the rebate process with multiple manufacturers." A leader in specialty retail, Celerant Technology has over $2.5 billion in annual retail sales processed, and more than 2,000 deployed POS.


An Integrated Loyalty Package for Pet Shops by Astro Loyalty and Celerant Technology

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Grubbrr Flips BurgerFi

A deployment, under terms as exclusive self-service provider, entails the Samsung Kiosk powered by Grubbrr (Boca Raton, FL) for fast-casual chain, BurgerFi (Palm Beach, FL). Following successful pilot testing in December 2021, BurgerFi will roll out the Samsung Kiosks to 17 of its 27 corporate locations, with availability extended to its 97 franchisees. An all-in-one standardized platform, it runs on Samsung's Magic Info Cloud. A typical install will have two countertop POS and two Kiosks.

As benefits, the players cited increased revenue, reduced operating costs, and enhanced customer experience. In the pilot, the Samsung Kiosk powered by Grubbrr showed significant lift in sales, with average ticket sizes increasing by 18.5% and 52% of customers opting into upsells. Also, the Kiosk generated up to 133 orders per day, accounting for 75% of total orders placed in the store and 78% of net sales.

Grubbrr first partnered with Samsung in June 2021. "When we began our search for a software partner to help us enter into the self-ordering kiosk market, we knew that we needed a best-in-class team in terms of both support and software," reflected Mark Quiroz, VP/GM, Product and Services Management, Samsung Electronics America (Ridgefield, NJ). "Grubbrr immediately caught our attention as the best turn-key self-ordering solutions provider, and our work with them has only exceeded these expectations."

A Self-Order System by Samsung and Grubbrr for Fast-Casual Chain, BurgerFi

ParTech: Shaq's Point Guard

A promising new customer for ParTech (New Hartford, NY), in the form of Big Chicken, the fast casual chain fronted by NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquille O'Neal. It will implement the triple package of PAR Brink POS, PAR Data Central Back-Office, and PAR Pay. Launched in 2018, and featuring "home-cooked childhood favorite foods of O'Neal" (e.g., sandwich, mac n' cheese, shakes), Big Chicken has backing from JRS Hospitality (Las Vegas, NY) and Authentic Brands Group (New York, NY).

"With several locations open, and more than 150 in the development pipeline, our growth isn't slowing down anytime soon and we want our franchisees and their teams to be able to focus on our food and our guests," declared Josh Halpern, CEO of Big Chicken. "To do that we need tools that can guarantee ease of use, correct and precise analytics, and consistency of service. PAR will be the point guard of our tech stack."

A busy spring for ParTech, with new partnership with digital dining and commerce solution, OneDine (Plano, TX). Also, Goji Systems (Blue Bell, PA) now supports, in the area of self-service kiosks, the loyalty solution of ParTech, i.e., Punchh. Goji Systems previously announced support for PAR's Brink POS. (ParTech is the wholly owned subsidiary of PAR.)

Big Chicken Restaurant Chain Adopts ParTech POS

[Editor's Note: At press time, ParTech unveiled its counter and kitchen Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS), entitled PAR Infinity. It combines the company's hardware--including the new PAR Helix Terminal--with full support such as 24x7x365 help-desk and field service.]

Channel Factoid

Besides Credit Cards,
Merchants Currently Accept ..

-E-Wallets: 54%
Up 6% from 2021

-ACH: 51%
Up 9% from 2021

-Buy Now/Pay Later: 27%
Up 29% from 2021

-Crypto: 6%
Up 50% from 2021

Source: 2022 Chargeback Field Report by Chargebacks911 (Tampa, FL)

29% Jump in Buy Now/Pay Later


Award Ceremony

POSBANK, supplier of POS and Kiosk, has been selected as "Korea's Leading Exporter" by the Korea International Trade Association and Korea Economic Daily. It recognizes vendors who have taken the lead in enhancing national competitiveness through active trade activities. "Since its establishment, POSBANK has experienced steady growth through exports and 80% of its total sales were generated abroad in 2021," reads the announcement. "Therefore, POSBANK is receiving this award in recognition of its contribution to developing new overseas markets and increasing exports." Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, POSBANK has regional offices in Carson, CA, and Plainview, NY.


Carr's New Driver

A transition at payments player Beyond (Princeton, NJ), as Founder and CEO Bob Carr names Michael Peters as the new CEO. Carr remains Executive Chairman of the Board. As experience, Peters has served as President/CEO at TSYS Merchant Solutions, SVP of Commercial Services at TransFirst, and SVP/Group Executive at Chase Paymentech.

"I chose Mike for this role because of his robust experience and incredible background. He has a clear plan to increase our growth rate and I'm confident he has the roadmap to transform this already exceptional company into the best in the industry," remarked Carr. "Mike is the guy who gets his hands dirty. He knows the industry, he loves our model, and he loves our people. I can't wait to see where he takes us."

"I believe in the mission and values of Beyond and what Bob Carr has spent these past five years building," noted Peters. "Together, we will continue to deliver on Beyond's core values, upholding our promises to our team members, customers, and the communities we serve. Beyond will continue to bring our clients the innovative products they need, with the transparent, honest business practices they expect and deserve." As many readers know, Bob Carr founded seminal Heartland Payment Systems (now part of Global Payments).

A Transition at Beyond: Bob Carr (At Left) to Executive Chairman of the Board and Michael Peters to CEO

Up in the Wild Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder (Scottsdale, AZ), the former JDA Software, and now subsidiary of Panasonic Connect, has enlisted Duncan Angove as its new CEO. His resume includes President of Infor, GM/SVP of Oracle, and President of Retek. Most recently, he served as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of technology-focused private equity firm, Arcspring. Also, he currently serves on Honeywell's Board of Directors.

"We recognize the opportunity that Blue Yonder brings to Panasonic Connect's growth as evidenced by our preparations for a stock exchange listing," shared Yasu Higuchi, CEO of Panasonic Connect and Chairperson of Blue Yonder's Board of Directors. "After careful consideration, we're confident that Duncan's proven track record of growing companies, as well as his supply chain experience and working with customers, makes him the right leader to take Blue Yonder's growth and innovation to the next level. We want to thank Mark Morgan for his effective leadership over the past five months while serving as Interim CEO."

"I am excited to join such a proven supply chain software industry leader in Blue Yonder," stated Angove. "The supply chain is at the forefront of every organization's c-level conversation and has never been more important. Having spent years in every part of the supply chain and the retail industry, I look forward to working with the collective team to lead us into what's next for the future of supply chain and omnichannel fulfillment."

Duncan Angove, CEO, Blue Yonder

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