Week of May 30, 2022
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

Datalogic (Eugene, OR) has unwrapped its new series of industrial handheld scanners, the PowerScan 9600. Available in two versions, corded and wireless cordless, the PowerScan 9600 utilizes white light illumination and good read via "Green Spot." A choice of barcode engines are offered for 1D/2D: Standard Range, High Performance, and Document Capture. As advanced features, PowerScan 9600 has wireless charging, interchangeable communications modules (at charging cradle or directly on corded device, with Serial RS-232, USB, USB-C, or Ethernet), and long-range, narrow-band radio capability via Datalogic STAR. With ergonomic design, and weight of no more than 1 lb./455 g, in yellow and black coloring, the PowerScan 9600 has an IP-67 rating for ruggedness, with 8.2 ft./2.5 m drop resistance.

PowerScan 9600 Scanners by Datalogic


Revel Pledges Loyalty

Revel Systems (Atlanta, GA), provider of tablet-based POS, has widened its capability in two key areas. First: Revel's Loyalty XT, powered by technology from Como (Ft. Lee, NJ), addresses the customer engagement needs of the small-to-midsized business segment (SMB). Second: Revel's Driver XT, powered by DoorDash (San Francisco, CA), has been integrated for food delivery with Revel's Online Ordering XT.

With data-driven methodology, marketing automation, and personalized programs, Revel's Loyalty XT will drive customer loyalty, increase customer communication, and build revenue, according to Revel Systems. Elements include simple program registration, point-based systems for rewards, and integration with the POS. "With Loyalty XT, Revel merchants get the rich benefits available through Como's innovative solution with the added convenience and seamlessness of a singular system and point of contact for support through Revel," expressed Chris Lybeer, Chief Strategy Officer at Revel Systems.

Another white-label solution, the second new capability, Revel Driver XT, enables Revel merchants to offer delivery without having to manage and operate their own fleet of drivers, via DoorDash. On the merchant side, it estimates delivery times, updates status, and confirms drop-off. "Driver XT ensures that restaurants can still hold the reins on the guest experience, their profits on these orders, and customer data," expounded Lybeer. Also, Revel will join the DoorDash Marketplace.

Revel's Loyalty XT, Powered by Como

NCC Keeps It "Simple"

National Computer Corporation (NCC, Greenville, SC) has embraced the pay-at-the-table solution, entitled SimpleTab, from EVO Payments (Atlanta, GA). Debuted in 2021 by EVO, SimpleTab supports all credit and debit card transactions, including contactless, as well as digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. With 802.11 Wi-Fi, it runs on the Move/5000 Payment Terminal by Ingenico (Alpharetta, GA).

With SimpleTab, the credit card doesn't leave the customer's hands, easing security concerns. It also furnishes split checks, tipping, and printing of receipts. For those who wish to utilize table-side payment services without extra hardware, there's SimpleTab QR, also adopted by NCC. Here, the customer scans the QR Code on their bill with his or her smartphone and chooses their desired payment method.

"We partnered with EVO to create a touchless payment solution to help restaurants adapt to the changes in the industry," shared Chuck Prince, President of NCC. "Restaurateurs, now more than ever, need contactless payment solutions for tableside and curbside payment processing. SimpleTab and SimpleTab QR delivers just that." A longtime channel player in POS, NCC addresses retail and hospitality businesses.

National Computer Corporation Adds SimpleTab and SimpleTab QR by EVO Payments

Worth Your While

NRF Supply Chain 360
National Retail Federation
June 20-21
Cleveland, OH

Retail Solutions Providers Association
July 24-26
Orlando, FL

September 12-14
Orlando, FL

September 19-21
Dallas, TX

Channel Connect
October 2-5
Nashville, TN

November 15-18
Las Vegas, NV

Channel Chatter

NCR Corporation (Atlanta, GA) has showcased its newly announced Aloha Cloud (as replacement for the NCR Silver Pro Restaurant). With refreshed User Interface (UI), NCR Aloha Cloud supports order-taking and payments for staff across fixed terminals and handhelds. "NCR innovated around the cloud when we launched NCR Silver Pro Restaurant. Now, with Aloha Cloud, we've created a better solution with incredible functionality," suggested Dirk Izzo, President and GM of NCR Hospitality. "We developed and tested Aloha Cloud to be the strategic hub for all restaurant operations, from ordering to kitchen displays to marketing and loyalty, creating great guest experiences and enabling growth."

NCR Promotes Aloha Cloud


A Box of xDIM

MobileDemand (Cedar Rapids, IA) has enhanced its freight packing solution, xDIM Mobile Dimensioning, powered by 4DMobile, to accurately measure so-called "large box" dimensions, suitable for shipping items such as 80" televisions, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and furniture. It employs an Intel RealSense LiDAR Camera on rugged tablets. As benefits for distribution centers and trucking concerns, the developers cite: improved space utilization, increased efficiencies, reduced cost, and elimination of possible freight penalties.

A new capability of xDIM Mobile Dimensioning, the two-step "box face" method measures large boxes of up to 7 to 8 ft. while the "corner" method measures smaller boxes from 3 to 48 in. (4 ft.). Already the "corner" method has been certified by NTEP (an independent third-party certification by the National Council of Weights and Measures) as "Legal for Trade." The new two-step "box face" method is expected to be NTEP certified in the second half of 2022, according to the vendor.

"The global supply chain can benefit from a modern, accurate new way to measure," declared Matt Miller, President and CTO of 4DMobile and MobileDemand. "Our 2022 Edison Award-winning mobile dimensioning system is a five-year product of our team's innovation, creativity, and ingenuity. xDIM Mobile is the first and only patented mobile dimensioning solution for both small and large box dimensioning." (It has won the recent Bronze 2022 Edison Best New Product Award in Manufacturing, Logistics, and Transportation: Supply Chain Solutions.)

A "Large Box" Dimension Measuring Solution by MobileDemand and 4DMobile

Here Comes the Sunmi

Sunmi (Atlanta, GA and Shanghai, China) has unveiled its new P2 SMARTPAD. In dimensions of 7.2 in./182 mm (L) x 4.6 in./118 mm (W) x 2.2 in./55 mm (D), weighing 13.3 oz./385 g, the P2 SMARTPAD features an integrated PIN Pad (15 keys with raised markings and backlight). In horizontal design, it carries 4" full-color capacitive touchscreen (480x800 WVGA) with landscape mode as well as rota-table mount.

As payments, the P2 SMARTPAD accepts Chip & PIN, Chip & Sign, MSR, QR Code, Contactless, and Apple Pay/Google Pay. It has Cortex A53 Quad-Core CPU at 1.3 GHz, 1 GB/2 GB RAM, 8 GB/16 GB ROM, 32 GB Micro SD Card Slot, and Android 9-based Sunmi OS. An optional 0.3 MP or 5 MP front camera captures 1D/2D barcodes. As data security, it meets PCI PTS 6x by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Council.

With RJ-45 LAN, Serial RS-232, USB-C, and Audio Jack, as well as optional Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), it also offers Bluetooth 4/BLE and 802.11 Wi-Fi. A rating of IP-53 protects against liquid spills and dust. In the payments environment, the so-called "kiosk mode" can "effectively prevent any program exit caused by user misuse." Also, noted Sunmi, "application startup can be set on the Sunmi Partner Platform."


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"Kicking" the Tips to Visa

Kickfin (Austin, TX), provider of tip disbursement technology, has partnered with Visa Direct. A combined solution allows service industry employers--in particular, in restaurants, bars, and hotels--to send cashless tip payouts directly to their employees' existing bank accounts via eligible debit cards. It also helps employers to remain compliant with tip-pooling regulations, and integrates with payroll and the POS.

"The hospitality workforce consists of essential frontline employees. They need, deserve, and quite frankly expect immediate access to their earnings," asserted Justin Roberts, Co-CEO of Kickfin. "When employers offer real-time, cashless tip payouts, the message is clear: they care about the financial well-being of their employees. Kickfin provides a long-term, sustainable solution for the operational recruiting and compliance needs of the modern hospitality employer."

"We live in a world with expectations of immediacy and convenience, necessitating the need for a global money movement network that is nonstop," observed Yanilsa Gonzalez-Ore, SVP and North America Head, Visa Direct. "With Visa Direct, we're helping transform the next generation of global money movement and are very pleased to help bring fast, digitized tip disbursements to Kickfin's clients in the U.S." (FYI: Actual fund availability depends on receiving financial institution.)

Cashless Tip Payouts by Visa Direct and Kickfin

Square Wins The Voice

An audio firm, SoundHound AI (Santa Clara, CA), has brought Artificial Intelligence-based voice capacity to Square POS (San Francisco, CA). A first of its kind, reportedly, it seeks to automate the phone ordering process. "We spoke with many restaurant operators to develop SoundHound for Restaurants and received overwhelming feedback about the need for automated solutions that help restaurants process more orders and meet growing customer demands," recollected James Hom, Co-Founder and VP of Products at SoundHound.

In order to get started, restaurant owners connect their Square POS to SoundHound for Restaurants, sync to the menu they want the voice assistant to use, and input the phone number for the system to answer. After that, SoundHound's voice assistant immediately answers the call, takes the caller's order, accepts modifications, and sends confirmation to complete the payment through Square POS. Notably, SoundHound's voice assistant answers every call, even during peak business hours, eliminating the busy signal and taking multiple orders simultaneously.

"At Square, we are seeing sellers leverage the latest technology to meet customer demand regardless of size or complexity," manifested Bryan Solar, Head of Restaurants with Square. "Our partnership with SoundHound allows us to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to restaurants working with small profit margins and facing multiple challenges--including the high cost of rapid labor turnover and shortages." A stream of news from Square, most recently: Square Stand Mount, Square Kitchen Display System (KDS), and Square Mobile POS.

An Automated Voice Ordering Service From SoundHound

Code Corner

Seagull Scientific (Bellevue, WA) has shipped its new label management software, BarTender Version 2022. A number of enhancements are noted, including: (1) anywhere, anytime printing of selected labels, via web browser, on any O/S, and any device, with BarTender's revamped Print Portal; (2) more detailed user permissions and expanded in-depth administrator controls for augmented security; (3) easy point-and-click printing, with location of documents, entering of data, and selection of printers through the redesigned Print Station; (4) customized interface, enabling companies to incorporate their own logos, graphics, and colors for branding on labels; (5) integration with enterprise applications via its RESTful API (Application Programming Interface); (6) direct connection between label printing and data stored in SAP HANA.

Seagull Scientific's BarTender 2022

ItsaCheckmate has released its newest software product, designated as Accounting Reconciliation. A financial management solution for restaurants, it brings the following capabilities: (1) identifying financial inconsistencies between third-party delivery partners and the POS; (2) tracking sales tax, commissions, fees, chargebacks and refunds; (3) consolidating all transactions from third-party platforms into one easy-to-read document, eliminating hours of downloading, de-duplicating, and re-formatting; (4) highlighting of order refunds and adjustments, while making it quicker and easier to resolve disputes. Several significant restaurant providers have signed up for beta test, according to ItsaCheckmate, including, Five Guys.

Accounting Reconciliation by ItsaCheckmate


Acts of Valor

An integration by Valor PayTech (New York, NY) with two prominent channel players in transaction processing: the first, Electronic Payments, Inc. (EPI), and the second, Electronic Payments Exchange (EPX), the wholly-owned subsidiary of North American Bancard. As its hardware, with gateway, Valor PayTech offers the VL 100 Countertop POS, VL 110 Wireless POS, VL 300 PIN Pad, and VL 500 Android. In 2021, it enlisted, as its hardware supplier, Castles Technology (Atlanta, GA).

"EPI and EPX resellers will soon have a sophisticated cloud-based omnichannel solution in their toolbox to help them win and retain more business," enthused Eric Bernstein, COO for Valor PayTech. "It's an exhilarating time for our company as we aggressively drive growth and expansion with partners like EPI and EPX." (He recently was honored as one of the "Forty Under 40" by the Electronic Transactions Association.)

"Valor PayTech has proved to bring state-of-the-art processing solutions to the market, and we are excited to be able to offer them to our Independent Sales Organization (ISO) and Agent Partners," indicated Michael Nardy, CEO for EPI (Calverton, MI). "The Valor team has built true omnichannel payment technology which aligns perfectly with our company's technology-forward way of thinking." Added Keith Sampson, National Sales Director for North American Bancard, speaking for EPX (both in Troy, MI). "What excites me the most about Valor PayTech being on the EPX platform is having a solution backed by people that genuinely want to see the partner channel succeed."

Valor PayTech Offers Countertop and Wireless Terminals, Virtual Terminal, and Gateway/Shopping Cart

A River of Lavu and Verifone

A new cross-distribution agreement for unified payments and POS has been entered into by Lavu (Albuquerque, NM) and Verifone (Coral Springs, FL). Addressing the restaurant sector, it integrates the software for POS by Lavu with the "Flex" payment solution by Verifone, including its Advanced Payment Methods. As the first accompanying product, there's the touchscreen- and wireless-based Verifone Engage e285.

In particular, the two parties cited the shift to digital and split payments. In their scheme, the customer indicates their payment method--card present, card not present, mobile, peer-to-peer, and cryptocurrency--via Verifone. As Advanced Payment Methods, there's Alipay, Affirm, PayPal, Venmo, WeChat Pay, Klarna, Swish, and Vipps.

"There's massive interest from dining establishments to expand their payment acceptance options as consumer trust in these popular digital wallets accelerates," reported Tim O'Loughlin, President of Americas at Verifone. "We're delighted to partner with Lavu to provide an unparalleled end-to-end experience for restaurant merchants by joining the most adaptable restaurant POS system with our payment solutions and suite of Advanced Payment Methods." With its focus on the small-to-midsized restaurant segment, Lavu was the first iPad-based POS in Apple Store.

A Cross-Distribution Agreement for Payments and POS Between Verifone and Lavu

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Stands, Mounts, Cradles

Touchscreens & Monitors


CardFree Calls the Concierge

A digital "Concierge" for hotels has been launched by CardFree (Sausalito, CA). A full suite of solutions, for both in-room and on-site, with products like charge to room, loyalty integration, remote ordering on-premise with geo-location capabilities (think pool or terrace), and order and pay-at-the-table, it has been rolled out to various customers, including Great Wolf Lodge, with 20 indoor waterparks in the U.S. An ordering growth of over 60% has been reported for hotels installing its "Concierge," according to CardFree.

"Historically, hotels and the hospitality industry have been reluctant to embrace technology in an industry so relationship-focused. Restaurants led the way, highlighting that allowing the customer to be self-directed can drive sales and decrease frustration simultaneously," observed Jon Squire, CEO of CardFree. "With CardFree Concierge, we know where the customer is and introduce them into the experience even before they check-in, ensuring a frictionless and personalized journey throughout their stay. So much about a customer coming back is about providing the tools to enjoy all the hotel has to offer; with CardFree Concierge, the hotel is literally in your pocket on-demand."

"CardFree has been an exceptional partner through implementation and new feature enhancements. They provided the best-in-class online food ordering platform that met the functional and integration needs with our POS/PMS," relayed Pankaj Khanna, VP of Digital Product and Tech at Great Wolf Lodge. "Through CardFree Concierge, we've been able to address key food ordering scenarios and introduce innovative guest-friendly options like order-to-room, order ahead, and QR Code ordering where guest may pay through their phone or charge it to their room. We've also seen improvements in our customer and employee satisfaction levels with the integration of self-service kiosks."

Great Wolf Lodge Deploys CardFree Concierge

"Stacking" the Pancakes

Tray (Scottsdale, AZ) will deploy its restaurant management platform, including its software and sourced self-service kiosks and POS, for IHOP. A multi-year deal, replacing current technology, covers the 1,700 sites of IHOP in the U.S. A hardware- and processor-agnostic solution, Tray bases on Android O/S. It includes online ordering, apps, and tablets.

"Tray meets the stringent requirements for our business and the business of our franchisees now and in the future," related Justin Skelton, CIO of Dine Brands Global. "Tray's capability for customization allows for continued growth and innovation." Established in 2007, Dine Brands Global brings together Applebee's and IHOP.

"We knew we had a great enterprise solution for family entertainment centers, which was our initial focus, but we didn't have everything full-service and fast-casual restaurants needed," disclosed Peter Kellis, Founder and CEO of Tray (a trademark of Vendsy, Inc.). "Over several years, working with the awesome team at Dine Brands Global helped us to perfect our offering. This new venture with IHOP confirms our technology and our ability to support major restaurant brands."

Tray Supplies Its POS and Self-Service for IHOP

Channel Factoid

Equipping the
Warehouse Worker

Current and Projected Usage

-Handheld Mobile Computers
In 2022: 43%
By 2025: 83%
By 2027: 92%

-Ultra-Rugged Scanners
In 2022: 29%
By 2025: 80%
By 2027: 91%

-Desktop Label Printers
In 2022: 34%
By 2025: 84%
By 2027: 94%

-Industrial Label Printers
In 2022: 32%
By 2025: 81%
By 2027: 92%

-Mobile Label Printers
In 2022: 32%
By 2025: 83%
By 2027: 94%

-Vehicle-Mount Computers
In 2022: 27%
By 2025: 79%
By 2027: 91%

-Rugged Tablets
In 2022: 25%
By 2025: 81%
By 2027: 92%

-Wearable Computers/Scanners
In 2022: 40%
By 2025: 84%
By 2027: 94%

Source: "Warehousing Vision Study" by Zebra Technologies Corporation (Lincolnshire, Il)

Widespread Growth in Data Collection Over Five Years

A Message From the Editor

As we progress through another year--our 18th!--our mission remains constant: to fill the need for timely, focused, non-biased news in the channel for POS & Auto ID (and now Mobility). If anything, that need grows more pressing in the face of new technologies, go-to-market strategies, business models, and consumer expectations. We look forward to continuing our mission, and welcome your suggestions and thoughts on improvements.

Michael Kachmar, Editor


Toshiba Taps Tucker

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (Durham, NC) has engaged industry veteran Tracy Tucker as its new Director of North American Channel Sales. He joins the company from Citizen Systems America, where he served as Senior Director for Americas Channel Sales. He brings 30 years of experience in barcode, mobile computing, and POS for additional companies such as BCS Solutions, Opticon USA, Handheld Products (now part of Honeywell), AccuCode, and the late, great Symbol Technologies (now part of Zebra Technologies Corporation).

"I am pleased and honored to join the team of professionals at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions," remarked Tucker, "and I'm excited to work with our outstanding business partners and customers. With our combined portfolio of products, expertise, and vision for innovation, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together. It's a great time to be part of the Toshiba team and accelerate with purpose."

Tracy Tucker, Director, North American Channel Sales, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

The Tally at Talus

Talus Pay (Dallas, TX) has recruited Bryan Fricke as its Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). At his previous posting, JPMorgan Chase, he progressed from Sales Executive to Executive Director of Relationship Management. At First Data Corporation (now part of Fiserv), he progressed from Sales Executive to Head of Sales Transformation.

"I have worked with Bryan for nearly two decades and am thrilled to have him join the Talus Pay team," commented Kim Fitzsimmons, CEO of Talus Pay. "Bryan's deep payments expertise and connections will be a tremendous asset in spearheading rapid growth and expansion." As working time together with Fricke, Fitzsimmons previously served as President of Merchant Services at JPMorgan Chase.

"The culture at Talus Pay, under Kim's leadership, is just fantastic," contributed Fricke. "I am eager to have the opportunity to play an instrumental role in driving strong revenue growth, and to work with such an amazing group of people." With 22,000 merchant customers in North America, Talus Pay processes 60 million transactions with $6.3 billion in annual charge volume. It partners with ISVs, VARs, and ISOs.

Bryan Fricke, Chief Revenue Officer, Talus Pay


An O'CMO at Agilysys

Agilysys (Alpharetta, GA) has named, to its new role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Terrie O'Hanlon. She most recently served as CMO for GreyOrange, an AI-based software and robotics company in the supply chain market. Prior, she served as CMO at DefenseStorm, which provides SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) for cyber-security and cyber-compliance for banks and credit unions. Earlier employers have included Manhattan Associates and CheckFree (now part of Fiserv).

"We are very happy to welcome Terrie into this vital role at Agilysys," commented Ramesh Srinivasan, President and CEO of Agilysys."During the past few years, we have made significant investments in modernizing our core hospitality software solutions and have added new capabilities and modules that deliver contemporary advantages, such as mobile accessibility, contactless transactions, guest self-service, and unified experience management. With Terrie's leadership, we are ready to invest in amplifying awareness of the compelling end-to-end experience and advantages our solutions deliver and to launch programs focused on accelerating revenue growth globally."

"The hospitality technology experts at Agilysys have enabled the company to establish a venerable reputation for industry understanding and customer focus," praised O'Hanlon. "Agilysys has invested to create what the industry needs: an array of cloud-native solutions that use the latest technology to unite staff and guest experiences across hotel properties, full-service and luxury resorts, casinos, cruise ships, and other venues where hospitality is important, such as universities, corporate campuses, stadiums, and healthcare. It will be quite gratifying to get the word out and to support global growth through programs that are as innovative as our solutions."

Terrie O'Hanlon, Chief Marketing Officer, Agilysys

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