Week of October 16, 2023
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

A mobile bundle for tableside restaurant POS has been delivered by GoTab (Arlington, VA), dubbed GoTab Pocket POS. With smartphone-sized hardware, it extends the full-featured software capabilities of the previous GoTab POS. With ease-of use and portability, it enables team members to take orders, manage tabs, process payments, and communicate with the front- and back-of-house in real-time, according to GoTab. "The Pocket POS was created to help restaurant staff while enhancing and simplifying every guest interaction and is especially convenient when it comes to large parties, which are traditionally great from a revenue perspective but logistically tough on servers," noted Tim McLaughlin, Co-Founder and CEO at GoTab. "Its ability to effortlessly split, move, and merge guests' tabs on the fly saves team members time and energy, which is vital in a fast-paced restaurant environment."

GoTab Pocket POS


An Affinity for POS

A new partnership has been formed between longtime channel players Partner Tech USA (Anaheim, CA) and M-S Cash Drawer (Pasadena, CA). With it, M-S Cash Drawer will distribute Partner Tech's extensive POS and Self-Checkout (SCO) product line in the U.S. and Canada. It includes Audrey POS, Audrey II POS, ACE2 SCO, Alfred SCO, Alfred Kiosk, K27 Kiosk, Alfa Series Industrial Computer, and Cleo C10/C14 POS, as well as the recent Mini Bora Bora Hybrid SCO.

"We are excited to work with M-S Cash Drawer, which has over 50 years of POS experience and is renowned for their award-winning customer service," relayed Sandra Hsia, President of Partner Tech USA. "By combining our high-quality products with M-S Cash Drawer's best-in-class distribution services, we are well-positioned for success and we look forward to working closely with ISVs and VARs to develop new business." In 2014, Partner Tech joined the $25B Oisda Group.

"We look forward to a mutually rewarding official distribution partnership with Partner Tech," related Paul Masson, President at M-S Cash Drawer. "Partner Tech offers a very robust product line with POS and Self-Service solutions, backed by the industry's best warranty and post-sales support, providing our VARs and ISVs with new opportunities for growth and profit. By combining Partner Tech's cutting-edge technology with M-S Cash Drawer's top-tier distribution services, dealers will have better access to the best possible solutions for their customers' needs."

New Mini Bora Bora Hybrid Self-Checkout Solution by Partner Tech, Now Distributing With M-S Cash Drawer

Charge Anywhere Holds the Key

A capability for Remote Key Injection (RKI), as part of its Software Terminal Encryption Maintenance, has been furnished by Charge Anywhere (South Plainfield, NJ). As its name describes, it enables secure payment device cryptographic key injection for PINs upon deployment at the merchant's physical location, not manually in the manufacturer's warehouse. And so, VARs, ISVs, ISOs, OEMs, and FinTech simply board their merchant and select and configure their devices through the Charge Anywhere Partner Portal.

"With real-time remote updates and customization options to remotely manage acceptance of all major credit cards, PIN debit, EBT, gift cards, taxes, tips, surcharge, convenience, cash discount, customer tender types, and more, our RKI solution meets the market demand for push technology for instant payments," remarked Paul Sabella, CEO of Charge Anywhere. "We invite you to experience first-hand how we securely protect and deploy our clients' most mission-critical data. Those who adopt Charge Anywhere RKI never return to manual key injection."

As Charge Anywhere is certified with all major North American processors and holds dozens of keys, the terminal can be re-injected for the same merchant whenever platforms are switched. Also, new services, software updates, and needed compliance changes can be accomplished remotely via RKI. A new hire at Charge Anywhere has Shaun Kiely joining as Business Development - ISV/VAR Channel. He brings similar experience from years at POS-X and TEAMSable POS.

Remote Key Injection (RKI) for Payment Terminals at Charge Anywhere

Worth Your While


NRF Big Show
National Retail Federation
January 14-16
New York, New York

RSPA Inspire
Retail Solutions Providers Association
January 28-31
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

MHI Materials
March 11-14
Atlanta, GA

ETA Transact
Electronic Transactions Association
April 17-19
Las Vegas, NV


Star Burnishes mC-Label3

A multifunction thermal printer--capable of managing various media types, including die-cut labels, permanent linerless labels, and receipt paper--has been unwrapped by Star Micronics America (Somerset, NJ). In size of 5.6"/143 mm (W) x 8.3"/212 mm (H) x 6.7"/169 mm (D), with black casing, the mC-Label3 offers maximum print width of 3"/80 mm and maximum print speed of 7"/180 mm/second. Embracing mPOS, it supports iOS, Windows, and Android O/S.

A number of advanced features are incorporated. A one-touch button-based printing capacity allows end-users to store and retrieve three static receipt or label images. As connectivity, mC-Label3 provides USB-A, USB-C, Drawer Kick, Bluetooth, and Star's wired SteadyLAN and cellular 4G/5G TetherLAN. It also notifies end-users of preventative maintenance.

"As part of Star Micronics' commitment to innovation, the mC-Label3 is 'cloud-ready,' allowing businesses to leverage Star Micronics Cloud Services for read-time device monitoring, custom promotional capabilities with PromoPRNT, and label creation," emphasized Star Micronics America. "For businesses seeking user-friendly, versatile, and reliable printing, the mC-Label3 from Star Micronics is the clear choice." In addition to its family of thermal printers, Star Micronics America supplies barcode scanners, cash drawers, scales, enclosures/display stands, consumables, and health/safety labels and guards.

Versatile mC-Label3 Printer by Star Micronics

Ingenico Rocks Payroc

A channel processing partner for the AXIUM payment terminals has joined Ingenico (Alpharetta, GA), in the form of Payroc (Tinley Park, IL). Initial launch of this integration will focus on the full-featured AXIUM DX8000 by Ingenico. As readers may recall, Ingenico introduced its AXIUM Series, based on Android O/S, in 2018. It includes desktop and portable form factors.

In dimensions of 7.8"/198 mm (L) x 3.3"/83 mm (W) x 2.5"/63 mm (D), weighing 15.9 oz./450 g, the AXIUM DX8000 carries 6" color capacitive touchscreen, front and rear cameras, integrated thermal printer, and long-lasting battery (up to 3350 mAh Li-Ion). Available with 3 GB RAM, 32 GB Flash, and ARM Quad-Core Cortex A53 CPU, it runs Android 10. As wireless, it has 802.11 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G WAN.

"We are delighted to partner with Ingenico to launch the AXIUM device line, combining their expertise in smart payment technology with our comprehensive platform," shared Casey Conley, Chief Product Officer for Payroc. "With AXIUM, we aim to empower our partners and merchants with a reliable, secure, and forward-leaning terminal line that integrates with our omnichannel offerings, providing them with the tools they need to succeed." Established in 2003, Payroc processes over $80B in annual volume for more than 150,000 merchants.

Payroc to Market AXIUM Series From Ingenico

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A Flybuy Over QSR Auto

An advanced location technology, by Flybuy (Washington, DC), has been integrated into the ConnectSmart Kitchen by QSR Automations (Louisville, KY). Utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), Flybuy provides restaurants with real-time updates regarding customer arrivals, displayed on the KDS (Kitchen Display System) and POS. As benefits, it enables timely preparation of orders and seamless handoff between staff and customers, according to the two parties.

"We are thrilled to partner with Flybuy to provide our customers with a more efficient and frictionless order fulfillment process," commented Jennifer Karpinsky, VP of Business Development at QSR Automations. "Integration of this cutting-edge technology into our ConnectSmart Kitchen platform empowers restaurants to provide swifter, more precise service to their customers." As elements, it displays the pick-up type, delivery service provider, frequently missed items, vehicle information, and customer/driver ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

"Allying with QSR Automations is a natural fit for Flybuy," expressed Dan Estrada, Chief Strategy Officer for Flybuy, which is part of Radius Networks. "Flybuy is designed to optimize restaurant staff operations and streamline the handoff of orders to customers upon their arrival." In its platform portfolio, there's Flybuy Pick-up, Flybuy Drive-Thru, Flybuy Tableside, and Flybuy Notify for Marketing and Engagement.

Integration of Flybuy Advanced Location Technology and ConnectSmart Kitchen Platform by QSR Automations


Sending Out ReMoCloud x SOS

A new enterprise-level device management solution spans label printers from Sato (Charlotte, NC and Tokyo, Japan) and mobile computers from CipherLab (Plano, TX and Taipei, Taiwan). Offered by both vendors, it combines Sato Online Services (SOS) and CipherLab ReMoCloud, going to market under "ReMoCloud x SOS." A consolidated platform simplifies and streamlines so-called Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

As features, CipherLab's ReMoCloud enables deployment, management, and real-time monitoring of its mobile computers. Similarly, Sato Online Services provides remote printer maintenance for labeling and RFID. An integrated dashboard in ReMoCloud x SOS tracks status in environments of warehousing, distribution, and logistics.

"Servicing and maintenance are key components of our vision to be the customer's most trusted partner for mutual growth," declared Kazuki Ikeda, Head of Global Hardware Sales at Sato Holdings Corporation. "We want to minimize downtime and keep our customers' critical labeling infrastructure up and running and give full visibility of their operations." At present, over 120,000 Sato printers have been connected to Sato Online Services, while 1,000 accounts are utilizing ReMoCloud to manage fleets of CipherLab Android devices.

Enterprise Mobility Management Offered by CipherLab and Sato

Code Corner

A purpose-built, enterprise software portfolio, dubbed Zebra Workcloud, has been reimagined at Zebra Technologies Corporation (Lincolnshire, IL). Addressing the categories of Workforce Optimization, Enterprise Collaboration, Inventory Optimization, and Demand Intelligence, it works natively with devices, including mobile computers and data collection, from Zebra. As background, Workforce Optimization combines the former Reflexis Workforce Management and Reflexis Task Management. On its part, Enterprise Collaboration, including Push-to-Talk and Voice-over-IP, was formerly offered as Workforce Connect. In Inventory Optimization, there's Zebra Prescriptive Analytics/Profitect, SmartCount, and Antuit.ai. Finally, Demand Intelligence leverages supply chain, labor, and inventory data with AI. "A modern solution built to solve real problems for front-line workers," cited Suresh Menon, SVP and GM, Software Solutions, Zebra Technologies.

A Reimagined Suite of Purpose-Built Software From Zebra Workcloud


As ISV, Field Materials (Palo Alto, CA), has released its AI-Powered Invoice Module for general and specialty contractors. In support of the company's existing Quotes and Order Modules, as well as the customer's Accounting/ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), it eliminates manual steps and identifies billing errors. It employs computer vision to scan incoming invoices and automatically associates each invoice with the correct job, vendor, and purchase order. A three-way match checks the order, receipt (proof of delivery), and the invoice. No changes are required to existing processes, according to Field Materials. "I'm proud of the system we've built," projected Eldar Sadikov, Co-Founder and CEO of Field Materials. "We trained it on a large database of real-world supplier invoices and the resulting automation and cost savings our technology brings are truly transformative for construction."

Field Materials' Construction Invoice Module


High Five at FreedomPay

A leading commerce platform, FreedomPay (Philadelphia, PA), now supports the palm-based biometric payment technology, Amazon One, driven by Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition to deployment at the stores of Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, now owned by Amazon, has displayed support for Amazon One. It plans to offer Amazon One, and its terminal at the POS, in its 500 stores in the U.S.

"Merchants face a rapidly changing consumer landscape. Payment flexibility will remain key to customer satisfaction and a merchant's brand reputation," wrote Chris Kronenthal, President of FreedomPay, in his blog post. "As consumer expectations continue to emphasize speed, customization, and convenience of checkout, merchants must optimize every interaction with consumers by embracing innovation, prioritizing personalization, and delivering a seamless and secure experience."

A busy time at FreedomPay. In September, it revealed its expanded worldwide relationship with processor Worldpay from FIS (Jacksonville, FL). Also in September, it announced its collaboration with payment terminal vendor PAX Technology (Jacksonville, FL). As its commerce platform, including gateway, FreedomPay has "Next Level Commerce."

Amazon's Palm-Based Biometric Payment Technology Enlists FreedomPay's Commerce Platform

GK Gets Engaged

A new platform for customer loyalty in retail has been debuted by GK Software (Raleigh, NC). Designated as GK Engage, it empowers retailers to create highly conceptualized and personalized outreach including messaging, discounts, and rewards, according to the ISV. With AI (Artificial Intelligence), GK Engage creates loyalty tiers that automatically track all customer interactions. It encompasses inventory and merchandising. (FYI: Fujitsu hold the majority stake, at 72%, of GK.)

"A modern take on loyalty," according to the company, GK Engage draws inspiration from two previous packages: MCA, GK's mobile loyalty program, and its T+Loyalty. These predecessor technologies have serviced more than one billion transactions per year for over six million registered users, reports GK. Also, it has been integrated into GK's OmniPOS, which spans all store touchpoints, including GK Grab and GO.

"GK Engage was created for any retailer, regardless of where they are in their loyalty journey," suggested Michael Jaszczyk, Chief Digital Transformation Officer at GK and CEO of GK Americas. "The solution is extremely flexible. For some retailers, GK Engage will serve as a complete solution, while others may integrate the solution into their existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management). I look forward to presenting GK Engage alongside our other innovative solutions at the GK Customer Experience Center [in Raleigh, NC]."

"A Modern Take on Loyalty": Says GK Engage

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Datacap Systems
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Sound Payments

Receipt Printers
Bixolon America
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Woosim Systems

Stands, Mounts, Cradles
Star Micronics



ParTech Flips the Whoppers

A new contract has selected ParTech as the exclusive software and services provider of "Unified POS" for Burger King's traditional restaurants in North America. It includes ParTech's cloud-based Brink POS and its order-management and third-party-marketplace software, entitled MENU. In making its choice, Burger King cited ParTech's "robust" APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). A wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation, ParTech is based in New Hartford, NY.

In August 2022, ParTech purchased MENU Technologies AG (Zug, Switzerland). At that time, President and CEO of PAR Savneet Singh stated: "Acquisition of MENU allows PAR to consolidate a restaurant's off-premise and on-premise orders into one unified tech stack. Restaurants will now have a unified, data-driven network from the point of order to the kitchen, and all the way through fulfillment, allowing their teams to focus on delivering a better guest experience, instead of wasting time on vendor management."

In its Q2 2023 Earnings Report, for the three months ending on June 30, PAR identifies three areas of interest to our channel. In Guest Engagement (i.e., Punchh and MENU): Annual Recurring Revenue $60.9M, New Store Activations 3,400, Active Sites 705,000. In Operator Solutions (i.e., Brink POS, PAR Pay, PAR Payment Services): Annual Recurring Revenue $50.0M, New Store Activations 1,100, Active Sites 215,000. In Back Office (i.e., Data Central): Annual Recurring Revenue $11.6M, New Store Activations 200, Active Sites 72,000.

Burger King Picks ParTech's Brink POS and MENU

You Pour It With RFID

A grand opening of the self-pour draft system by iPourIt (Lake Forest, CA) has been celebrated at Smokin' Oak Wood-Fired Pizza in Arkansas. Assayed at the Fayetteville location, the so-called tap wall will be deployed in the fast-casual chain's eight locations in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, and Texas. It has 40 self-pour stations in the row.

"With the iPourIt system, we're able to provide a novel experience and destination for our customers to enjoy while generating additive revenue," enthused Ben Roberts, Co-Owner of the So Good Restaurant Group. "We've worked hard to bring this technology to Arkansas." In his remarks, Darren Nicholson, VP of Sales at iPourIt, praised Ben Roberts and his wife and Co-Owner, Monica, for their self-pour lobbying efforts.

In operation, customers scan their driver's license and swipe their payment card to receive wristband or card with RFID. A description of each beverage appears on the touchscreen above each tap. In making their choice, customers tap the screen with the RFID. A pour of 1 to 12 ounces is activated. As one of the leaders of self-service beverage technology, iPourIt has more than 8,800 taps installed, over 370 million ounces dispensed, and approaching 400 locations in operation.

A Self-Pour Tap Wall Via RFID From iPourIt

Channel Factoid

Loyalty Clubs
by the Numbers

(January 2021 to June 2023)

Rise in Members: FSR, QSR, C-Store
19% - Overall
16% - Full-Service Restaurants
24% - Quick-Service Restaurants
19% - Convenience Stores

Full-Service Restaurants
17.8% - Increase in Loyalty
Spend Per Visit
5% - Increased Spend for Loyalty
vs. Non-Loyalty Customers

Quick-Service Restaurants
42% - Loyalty Members
Who Order Online 9 of 10 Times
27% - Weekday Visits
From 11 AM to 1 PM

Convenience Stores
14.3% - Increase in Number
of Member Visits
12% - Increased Spend for Loyalty
vs. Non-Loyalty Customers

Source: "Loyalty Report: 2023" by Paytronix

Guest Engagement Matures

A Message From the Editor

As we progress through another year--our 18th!--our mission remains constant: to fill the need for timely, focused, non-biased news in the channel for POS & Auto ID (and now Mobility). If anything, that need grows more pressing in the face of new technologies, go-to-market strategies, business models, and consumer expectations. We look forward to continuing our mission, and welcome your suggestions and thoughts on improvements.

Michael Kachmar, Editor


Verified at Verifone

A shift at the top of historic payment solution provider Verifone (Coral Springs, FL) sees industry veteran Himanshu Patel joining as CEO on November 1. He succeeds Mike Kohlsdorf, Senior Operating Partner at private equity firm Francisco Partners, owner of Verifone, who has served as CEO since August 2023. Kohlsdorf, who lauded the company's "upward trajectory," will remain on Verifone's Board of Directors.

Before Verifone, Patel served as EVP and Co-Head of the Financial Information Group for Fiserv. Previous roles include EVP and CFO at First Data Corporation and Managing Director for JPMorgan Chase. "His industry experience and track record of success are world-class and will serve him well in ensuring customer satisfaction while leading Verifone's amazing employees in driving valuable solutions to market," contributed Peter Christodoulo, Partner at Francisco Partners.

"I have been watching Verifone's impressive transformation over the last several years, and I am eager to be joining as CEO of this truly global and iconic company to further its customer-centered strategy of bringing innovative and secure commerce solutions to market," indicated Patel. "The payments space remains extremely fast paced and exciting, and Verifone's solutions are on the cutting edge. We will continue architecting class-leading solutions across the globe for every type and size of customer from physical and digital businesses to FinTechs."

Himanshu Patel Will Join Verifone as CEO

Handoff at NCR

As NCR prepares for its official split this month, CEO Michael Hayford has announced his retirement. Hayford joined NCR in 2018, and has led the separation into two independent, publicly traded companies--NCR Atleos, focused on ATMs, and NCR Voyix, focused on Digital Commerce. Atleos will be led by Tim Oliver, NCR SVP and CFO, and Voyix will be led by David Wilkinson, NCR EVP and President of NCR Commerce.

"Mike created a clear vision for the future of NCR, focused on digital banking, payment and process solutions, and self and assisted checkout systems," reflected Joe Reece, Chairman of the NCR Board of Directors. "His vision created the software-led, 'as-a-Service' company we are today and has set us up for continued success as two industry-leading companies in the future."

"My goal was to focus on customer satisfaction and engaged employees to fuel NCR's success," ruminated Hayford. "With the help of every employee around the world, we accomplished that. I leave Atleos and Voyix confident in their futures, their new leadership, and the dedication of their employees to build on a strong foundation."

Michael Hayford Retires as CEO of NCR

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