Week of October 18, 2021
Michael Kachmar, Editor

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Our Product Pick

Datalogic (Eugene, OR) has shipped its entry-level, "ultra-affordable" 2D barcode scanner, the QuickScan QW2500. With performance "satisfying the requirements of most applications, such as grocery, convenience stores, and non-food retailers," the QuickScan QW2500 features red LED illumination, blue-dot LED aiming, and the company's Green Spot read confirmation (and buzzer). A maximum read range of 15"/38 cm for Code 39 (10 mils). Weighing 5.1 oz./145 g, with industrial-grade housing and ergonomic shape, the QuickScan QW2500 has an IP-52 rating for water and dust and 5 ft./1.5 m drop resistance. Its only moving part, the trigger, is guaranteed for 10 million hits. As connectivity, it carries USB-C, with automatic switching from presentation mode to handheld mode via Datalogic's Motionix.

Datalogic QuickScan QW2500


A Streaming of ACH (at Datacap)

Datacap Systems (Chalfont, PA) has partnered with iStream Financial Services (Brookfield, WI) to add support for payments via ACH (Automated Clearing House). It runs via Pay API (Application Programming Interface), Datacap's e-commerce integration available exclusively on its omnichannel payments platform, NETePay Hosted. It allows Datacap partners to process ACH and other card-not-present transactions using the same payments platform their merchants are using for in-store transactions (i.e., NETePay Hosted).

"We're excited to partner with iStream to offer a bank-agnostic ACH payment solution for Datacap partners," relayed Justin Zeigler, Director of Product at Datacap Systems. "An ideal alternative to standard credit cards for recurring transactions, the addition of ACH processing provides a faster, safer, and more reliable payment method for recurring billing for Datacap's VARs and ISVs." Also, Datacap cites lower transaction fees compared to credit transactions, fewer charge declines, no need for compliance for ACH with the standards of PCI (Payment Card Industry), and additional recurring revenue opportunities for partners of Datacap. In addition to its use in business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) ACH is supported.

"Collaborating with Datacap allows their partners to now offer a choice when it comes to processing through their gateway," related Fred Joachim, President of iStream Financial Services. "Today, more and more, we see people wishing to pay in the manner that suits their personal tastes. Providing additional options as we are doing here with this partnership will go a long way towards increased customer loyalty and satisfaction."

Datacap Partners With iStream for ACH Processing

Elo Counts to "4"

Elo (Milpitas, CA) has presented its next-generation I-Series 4 All-in-One touch monitors and Backpack 4 computer engine/media player. This fourth generation furnishes Android 10, Google Mobile Services, and enterprise tools by Elo. As processors, each device offers choice of Eight-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 or Six-Core Rockchip. A variety of screen sizes are offered (10", 15", 22"), each with Elo Edge Connect for mounting of peripherals on any of the four sides. I-Series 4 All-in-Ones also feature an 8 MP camera, faster Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth 5.0), USB-C, and single-cable Power-Over-Internet (POE).

With new VESA mounting compatibility, and small form factor, Elo Backpack 4 computer engine/media player may run audio and video content, interactive HTML webpages, and Android-based apps. In order to achieve simplification and standardization for enterprise-wide environments, the company provides Elo EssentialEdge for Android. The new I-Series 4 and Backpack 4 also accommodate EloView, its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for enrollment, content management, and remote device management. Finally, with OS 360, Elo offers security updates, the latest Android O/S upgrades, and device enhancements.

"The Elo name has become synonymous with reliable Android devices built for business applications around the world," declared Craig Witsoe, CEO at Elo. "With twice the performance of the previous generation and the addition of an entirely new processor option, our next-gen portfolio provides more choice, greater flexibility, and literally thousands of possible configurations for interactive solutions." Among its products, Elo also offers the I-Series in 15" and 22" with Windows.

Elo's Next-Generation I-Series 4 All-in-One and Backpack 4 Computer Engine/Media Player

Worth Your While

Money 20/20
October 24-27
Las Vegas, NV


NRF Big Show
National Retail Federation
January 16-18
New York City

Bar & Restaurant Expo
Questex LLC
March 21-23
Las Vegas, NV

Shoptalk Commerce LLC
March 27-30
Las Vegas, NV

Electronic Transactions Association
April 12-14
Las Vegas, NV

NRA Show
National Restaurant Association
May 21-24
Chicago, IL

NRF Supply Chain 360
National Retail Federation
June 20-21
Cleveland, OH

Retail Solutions Providers Association
July 24-26
Orlando, FL



APG Drives the Bus

APG Cash Drawer (Minneapolis, MN) has released its newest connectivity solution, the USBPro 554B Interface. Available on Vasario, Series 4000, and Series 100 cash drawers by APG, the USBPro 554B supports Windows 10, Android, Linux, and Mac OS x 10.5+, and includes integration with Windows 10 Power Management. It adds to the multitude of interfaces for its cash drawers offered by APG.

"By sourcing electricity through the connected device, cash drawers with this interface eliminate the need for external power, keeping the retailer's sales counter uncluttered and freeing up expensive serial ports," noted Ron Stephenson, Connectivity Manager at APG Cash Drawer. "Our USB 554B Interface provides real-time reporting with event-based logic--that is, automatic notification of drawer open and close events, even when manually opened with a key. So, it provides higher security than typical cash drawer interface technologies, preventing unauthorized devices from opening the cash drawer."

"Also, our USB 554B Interface provides headache-free connectivity, while its advanced HID application libraries allow for easy device identification and integration, saving you time and frustration through the installation process," continued Stephenson. "Troubleshooting and set-up are made easy with its diagnostic LED, empowering retailers to respond quickly to inconsistencies [in use]." A 6 ft./2 m USB-A/USB-C cable is included with all USBPro (554B) cash drawers from APG.

New USBPro 554B Cash Drawer Interface by APG Cash Drawer Extends Connectivity

Code Goes Sledding

Code Corporation (Salt Lake City, UT) has stocked its new protective case with external battery for Apple's iPhone 8/SE and iPhone XR/11. A part of the CR7000 Series, it has the designation, CR7010. In addition to doubling the typical battery life of the iPhones, it allows for full clinical sanitization protocols, cites Code. A disinfectant-ready plastic housing meets the standard of CodeShield Level 2 PVC-Free.

Among its features, the CR7010 allows for bi-directional data pass-through, via sealable Micro USB Port. Significantly, it provides full enclosure, unlike most consumer-grade cases. Also, it works in tandem with Code's BatteryTrak app, which enables the end-user to view battery health, set deployment dates, and apply firmware updates. As its battery chargers, there's the choice of individual or 10-bay formats.

"The CR7010 is perfect for mobile data collection in whatever environment you need it," proposed Jana Buchanan, Senior Product Manager of Hardware at Code Corporation. "We are enthusiastic about expanding our mobile device product line to include options for additional sizes of iPhones." (As readers will recall, Code Corporation was purchased by the Brady Corporation in June 2021.)

Code Offers CR7010 Case for Apple's iPhone

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A Selfie for Worldnet (and Ingenico)

A certification to "Level III EMV and Contactless" for the aptly entitled Self Series of payment terminals from Ingenico, on the part of Worldnet Payments. It specifically addresses the needs of ISVs, according to Worldnet Payments. Both Ingenico, A Worldline Brand, and Worldnet Payments are located in the payments hotbed of Greater Atlanta, GA.

As devices covered under this certification, Worldnet cites the Self/2000, Self/4000, and Self/5000 by Ingenico. With embedded contactless readers and hybrid card readers, payment formats of contactless, magnetic-stripe, and smart card are supported. Additional features, depending on model, include color touchscreen displays, scanners, cameras, buzzers, and wired and wireless connectivity.

"The opportunity this certification opens up for our customers to scale up and re-imagine their payments strategy is huge," suggested Conn Bryne, SVP of Sales at Worldnet. "Our pre-certified EMV-ready SDK (Software Development Kit) eliminates the usual costs and challenges associated with EMV certification. This certification allows us to quickly secure and field Ingenico hardware when many other devices are on back order, so our customers can get the first-to-market advantage."

Worldnet Certifies Ingenico's Self Series to Level III

PAX Opens Its Bag of Chetu's

A new partner will help develop software solutions for the family of payment hardware from PAX Technology: Chetu. A player in multiple vertical markets, Chetu will focus on integration by third parties via the PAX SDK (Software Development Kit) and PAX Rest APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). New apps will address fast-growing opportunities in contactless, self-service, and mobile wallets (e.g., Apple Pay). Such apps will eventually appear in the PAXSTORE.

"Chetu is beyond thrilled to be partnered with a prominent solutions provider such as PAX," enthused William Dawsey, VP of Sales for Payments at Chetu (Sunrise, FL). "We recognize the tremendous value that PAX provides to its clients and look forward to offering our decades of experience in payments software development to help customize and amplify PAX's solutions for clients worldwide." In particular, Chetu pointed to the wide range of products and implementation of Android O/S on the part of PAX Technology.

"PAX Technology is always looking to augment our partner network with skilled POS software development partners such as Chetu," expressed Kenneth Shember, VP of Middle Markets and ISV/VAR Solutions at PAX Technology (Jacksonville, FL). "It's third-party development partners like Chetu that allow PAX to better cater to its clients and continue to provide them with innovative payment processing solutions." (In addition to PAX Technology, Chetu has partnered with Ingenico, Verifone, and Clover in payments.)

Software Developer Chetu Joins PAX Partner Network

Code Corner

Bixolon America (Gardena, CA) has achieved further certification for device management with software provider SOTI (Mississauga, ON, Canada). An announcement involves Bixolon's 4"/102 mm XD5 Series and 4"/102 mm XL5 Series of thermal label printers with SOTI Connect. It enables deployment of the printers quickly, with total visibility, and complete lifecycle management, affirmed Bixolon America. At present the following models from Bixolon America are certified with SOTI Connect: XD5-40t, XD5-40d, XL5-40, XT5-40, SLP-TX400, SLP-TX420, SLP-TX220, SLP-DX420, SLP-DX220, SLP-DL410. Next up for such certification with SOTI: the mobile thermal printers by Bixolon America.

SOTI Certification for Bixolon Label Printers

Covectra (Westborough, MA) provides support for both iOS and Android in its smart label and mobile product authentication solution, dubbed StellaGuard. In StellaGuard Version 2.0, random holographic flakes are combined with serialized QR Code on the label "to make the product virtually impossible to counterfeit," according to Covectra. Using their smartphone, consumers simply scan this QR Code to protect themselves from purchasing bogus or unsafe products.

StellaGuard 2.0 Combats Counterfeit Products


Will Restaurants See "the Light"?

Lightspeed (Montreal, QC, Canada) has launched its Lightspeed Restaurant POS in North America. It builds upon the company's series of acquisitions--including Upserve, Gastrofix, Kounta, and iKentoo--to deliver an integrated package of ordering and payment, inventory management, and business analytics. It will be made available in "a phased roll-out to select restaurants" in North America after launching in Europe in Q3 (in Germany's fast-casual chain, Dean+David).

A beta tester in the U.S. was wine tasting room, Once Finger Lakes in Penn Yan, NY. "The difference with Lightspeed Restaurant compared to other solutions is the accuracy of information," reflected Owner Antonio Arias. "When everything is on the same system and fully integrated, everything flows better. It brings our whole operation to the next level." (In case you're wondering, the "Once" in Once Finger Lakes should be pronounced as "On-Ce" in reference to the 11 Finger Lakes, the word in Spanish for 11, according to Antonio Arias.)

In tandem with this announcement, Lightspeed issued its "2021 Global State of Hospitality Report." It found that 87% of industry respondents believe that new technology adoption over the last two years--such as online ordering and increasing or improving outdoor seating--has been critical for the survival of their business. A majority of 62% expect to return to or exceed Pre-Covid-19 levels of holiday business, thankfully.

Lightspeed Brings Its Restaurant Platform to North America

VAX Cards Dealt

A collaboration between VAR and ISV has produced the "Barcodes, Inc./VAXSYS Covid-19 Vaccination Enrollment and Verification System." It may be deployed to print and issue durable, legible vaccine credentials on secure plastic VAXSYS Cards that contain an encrypted, fraud-resistant 2D barcode, according to Barcodes, Inc. (Chicago, IL) and VAXSYS Technologies, Inc. (Calabasas, CA). Supplying all necessary software and hardware, the System can be operated in stand-alone mode or integrated into the user's database. It employs card printing hardware from Zebra Technologies Corporation (Lincolnshire, IL).

A mobile app, the VAXSYS Universal Screener, may be downloaded to any Android-based handheld device with 2D barcode reading capability. It decrypts the barcode on the VAXSYS Card to generate an anonymous, immediate, Level-1 proof of Covid-19 vaccination, without requiring any additional personal, biographic, or biometric information from the holder. Both the VAXSYS Universal Screener and VAXSYS Universal Enroller were introduced in March 2021 on the Google Play Store.

"A complete Barcodes, Inc./VAXSYS System, including mobile computers containing barcode scanners, card printers, cards, and all necessary software, can be configured to support any specific user requirements, including those of businesses, universities, sports venues, and all other places with public access," observed Tim Killion, Enterprise Account Executive with Barcodes, Inc. Added Moshe Meppen, CEO of VAXSYS Technologies, "Since all Barcodes, Inc./VAXSYS System components are mobile, the enrollment and card printing can quickly be set-up anywhere in any size of facility, even in vehicles; it may also be readily expanded to handle all those being vaccinated." It also allows printing of the name and/or logo of the end-user business.

A Barcodes, Inc./VAXSYS Covid-19 Vaccination Enrollment and Verification System

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Hy-Vee "Checks Out" GK

GK Software USA (Raleigh, NC) has deployed its suite of software for grocery and convenience retailer, Hy-Vee. With headquarters in West Des Moines, IA, Hy-Vee has 280 stores in eight states in the Mid-Western U.S. It has chosen GK OmniPOS, TransAction+ Payments, and GK Drive (At-the-Pump)--supported by Cloud4Retail. Founded in Saxony, Germany, GK Software distributes its products via SAP.

"In today's age of converging retail formats, customers expect convenience around every turn. Any interaction at the pump should also be tied to the in-store experience, and vice versa, to create a frictionless shopper journey," espoused Michael Jaszczyk, CEO of GK Software USA. "By rounding out the OmniPOS solution suite with TransAction+ Payments, and GK Drive, Hy-Vee is able to create a cohesive, seamless journey for shoppers at every touchpoint [e.g., traditional POS, mobile POS, kiosks, forecourt]."

"We're always looking for ways to provide convenient, cutting-edge customer service on the forefront of such a competitive and evolving retail landscape," expounded Luke Tingley, CIO and SVP at Hy-Vee. "Our goal is to implement a flexible and agile platform in-store and at-the-pump to make our locations the most convenient destination for customers." As part of its system upgrade, Hy-Vee has also chosen receipt-based marketing technology by FlexEngage (Orlando, FL).

Hy-Vee Chooses GK Software for POS Upgrade

Hey, Budtender

A two-way integration between customer loyalty and payments/POS for cannabis sales has been fired up by Alpine IQ (Broomfield, CO) and POSaBIT (Seattle, WA). It enables so-called "budtenders" at dispensaries to easily register guests for their loyalty programs during the transaction process. In addition, of course, the dispensary is able to capture and make full use of customer data for its marketing programs.

"We could not be happier with what we've accomplished with the wonderful team at Alpine IQ," reported Ryan Hamlin, CEO and Co-Founder of POSaBIT. "They have been an incredible partner and together we have created a fantastic two-way integration. We know that retailers across the country will absolutely adore the experience we're now offering." A leading FinTech in cannabis, POSaBIT.

In September, Alpine IQ released its native apps for dispensaries, citing opportunities in data management, compliance automation, omnichannel messaging, audience segmentation, referrals, and in-app shopping and ordering on iOS. "We're thrilled to bring to life native apps for our retail customers, which they can leverage to drive unmatched customer loyalty," manifested Nicholas Paschal, CEO and Co-Founder (in 2019) of Alpine IQ. "So many brands place their trust in a marketplace app where you and your programs are listed side by side with other retailers. You don't want to have a race to the bottom on margins or max points and you don't want your push notifications trapped in an app that has your competitors in it."

Native Apps for Cannabis Sales by Alpine IQ

Channel Factoid

10 Far Out Predictions in IT

-By 2024, 40% of consumers will trick behavior-tracking metrics to intentionally devalue the personal data collected about them, making it difficult to monetize.

-By 2024, 30% of corporate teams will be without a boss due to the self-directed and hybrid nature of work.

-By 2024, a cyberattack will so damage critical infrastructure that a member of the G20 will reciprocate with a declared physical attack.

-By 2024, 80% of CIOs surveyed will list modular business redesign, through "composability," as a Top 5 reason for accelerated business performance.

-By 2025, synthetic data will reduce personal customer data collection, avoiding 70% of privacy violation sanctions.

-By 2025, 75% of companies will "break up" with poor-fit customers as the cost of retaining them eclipses good-fit customer acquisition costs.

-By 2026, 30% increase in developer talent across Africa will transform it into a world-leading start-up ecosystem, rivaling Asia in venture fund growth.

-By 2026, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gamification will propel an enterprise into the Top 10 highest valued companies.

-By 2027, low-orbit satellites will extend internet coverage to an additional billion of the world's poorest people, raising 50% of them out of poverty.

-By 2027, 25% of the Fortune 20 companies will be supplanted by companies that neuromine and influence subconscious behavior at scale.

Source: Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2021 Americas on October 18-21, 2021 (Stamford, CT).

A Push Towards Human Centricity



Raju's Rules at PAR

PAR Technology Corporation (New Hartford, NY) has named Raju Malhotra as its Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO). He was formerly CPTO at customer loyalty firm Punchh, Inc., which was acquired by PAR in April 2021. His resume includes roles as SVP and GM for Marketing Cloud at Salesforce, CPTO of Khoros, SVP of Products at Conversant, and Director of Online (including Bing) at Microsoft. He becomes the first CPTO for all of PAR Technology Corporation.

"Raju's background is beyond impressive and in our short while working together, he's exceeded all expectations," shared Savneet Singh, CEO of PAR Technology. "We could not be more pleased to welcome Raju aboard as we continue to revolutionize how restaurant technology meets the needs of our customers. Raju will lead the connection and development of the PAR platform, as we remain a strong ally to the restaurant industry by bringing together disparate solutions, products, and integrations."

"I am delighted to join PAR Technology at this time of unprecedented growth in the hospitality industry," contributed Malhotra. "The pandemic has forever raised guest expectations. I look forward to helping the leading brands serve their guests using PAR products and its unified commerce cloud to streamline their operations and deliver unparalleled experiences." He will be based in the Silicon Valley.

Raju Malhotra, Chief Product and Technology Officer, PAR Technology Corporation

[Editor's Note: Also, PAR Technology has unwrapped its new terminal for POS, entitled PAR Phase. It features 11th Gen Intel Core vPro and Intel Celeron Processors. "For restaurants who are getting ready for technological leaps such as AI and fraud prevention, PAR Phase is the natural next step in the evolution of their operation," proclaimed Savneet Singh, President and CEO of PAR Technology Corporation.]

A Jolt of Shannon

Jolt Software (Lehi, UT), provider of restaurant management software, including food safety and employee performance, has engaged Shannon Lippe as its VP of Marketing. She previously served as Senior Marketing Manager for the Shiji Group. Earlier positions include Field Marketing Specialist for the Food and Beverage Business Unit at Oracle, Marketing Associate at ASI/Restaurant Manager POS, and Marketing Coordinator at Micros Systems (before its purchase by Oracle).

"I am honored to join the Jolt team and bring my marketing experience in the hospitality industry to Jolt and its customers," commented Lippe. "The operations technology space has grown significantly in the past few years, but Jolt's solutions perfectly fill a niche. I am looking forward to helping bring these solutions to market."

"Shannon's impeccable track record of leading high-value integrated marketing programs is a considerable asset for Jolt," remarked Jeff Pinc, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Jolt. "Our company and customers will benefit tremendously from her wealth of skills and experience as a leader in marketing and communications." Established in 2014, Jolt focuses on smartphones and tablets as its hardware platforms.

Shannon Lippe, VP of Marketing, Jolt Software

It's Fun to Stay at the MWAA

A new member of the Advisory Board at the Midwest Acquirers Association (MWAA): Elizabeth Rucker, Director of Training and Talent Acquisition for payment processor VizyPay. Prior to joining VizyPay in 2020, Rucker worked at grocery and convenience retailer Hy-Vee, as Assistant Director of Store Operations, then Hiring and Training Specialist. Both VizyPay and Hy-Vee are based in Des Moines, IA.

"The MWAA is looking forward to celebrating our 20th Anniversary in the summer of 2022 and continuing our mission to bring the industry together through thought leadership, education sessions, and networking," stated Rod Katzfey, President of the MWAA (Waukee, IA). "We also continue to look for ways to connect with the next generation in payments, and look forward to Elizabeth Rucker joining the Advisory Board to help us navigate this." Its 20th Annual MWAA Conference is scheduled for July 17-28 in Chicago, IL.

Elizabeth Rucker of VizyPay Appointed to the Midwest Acquirers Association's Advisory Board

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